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They’re Leading Us Down a Primrose Path

We seem to have a lot of new readers to the Webb Weekly. Some of the hard copy, many online, and the majority directed through social media. To all, I welcome you. My contact information is always on page 4, and you may reach out to me any way you would like. I try to answer everyone personally, although sometimes that’s not possible. If I miss you, hit me up again. Sometimes I am a little forgetful.

Now, if I’m sounding a little redundant to my regular readers please just sit back, read and relax, there is more to come. It’s like turning on the TV and watching a movie or show that’s already started. There has been some groundwork already laid you must understand to appreciate what’s playing out.

My weekly column is all about how I perceive things through my eyes. I apply common sense, and knowledge learned over my lifetime. I put myself out there and tackle tough issues. Although most of the time it’s about all the good going on right here at home in the West Branch Valley. It is never in an attempt to push a political agenda or anger anyone. It’s the exact opposite.

It is our goal at Webb Weekly to present the best humanity has to offer. It is my personal goal each week to make you think about what’s going on in the world around us. Hopefully, make you smile, laugh, maybe even bring a tear to your eyes. It’s my objective to give you a different perspective than can be found anywhere else. I think this is of the utmost importance in today’s world of cookie-cutter journalism.

I don’t expect folks to always agree with me, nor do I want to change your mind. I just want to present the facts when it comes to tough issues and get the wheels of thought turning. I love our great Nation and believe in the power of the 1st amendment. The amazing freedom provided by the Constitution of the United States and the servicemen and women of our great Nation can never be taken for granted. We the people must always stand up in defense of our Nation and freedom.

I was blessed to be educated and raised by a very conservative Republican Father. And at the same time, my Grandfather was a staunch, well-connected Democrat. Both men worked their way up from nothing. My Grandfather actually spent time in an orphanage. Again, if this sounds familiar, it should to some of you, I’ve written this before, but I feel we must take a step back to move forward.

My Mom is a Democrat, my Stepmother Carol, who is like a second mother, is a Republican.

My Stepfather, God rest his soul, was Democrat. I’m not going to go through my whole family but it’s the perfect blend of different views and ideas with one thing in common, we all love our great Nation. I must, however, mention my sister Morgan, who went to New York University, was a union organizer for the ACLU, worked for the President Obama campaign, and much more. You get the picture.

I have seen and heard pretty much every political thought and angle over the years. I never set out to write about and discuss politics within our Nation; it just worked out that way. Funny how life prepared me for the future with my eyes wide open.

So, what follows has nothing to do with being a Republican or Democrat, or even Libertarian or Independent. It has everything to do with being an American citizen and preserving our Nation and one’s freedom for future generations.

Our Country has not been more divided since the Civil War. This occurred long before the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been done by the national media, social media — where every American has an opinion, whether fact or fiction — and by those elected to serve us. This includes both Republicans and Democrats. Compromise has become a 4-letter word in our great Nation. Compromise and understanding are not just the principles that allow me to understand and get along with all of my family; they are the foundation needed within any government of a free society.

Our elected government that is intended to work for the people has failed us. They have grown government to the point where it’s extinguishing the torch of Lady Liberty, has removed the blindfold of impartiality from the statue of Lady Justice and created generational monarchy in our Nation’s capital. This cannot be blamed on one party! It has taken both Republicans and Democrats decades to create this machine of power and wealth, as well as our National debt.

We must begin immediately to change the current primrose path our Nation is on. It will be the greatest challenge our Country has ever faced and will require “We the People” to unite and work together to preserve the American dream.

So, here is where you, the American citizen, comes in. I already know several things that must be changed immediately. I want to hear your thoughts and ideas. I want to publish a nonpartisan Letter of Government Reform requested by “We the People.” I want it read by every elected official in state and federal government. I want to empower We the People to put our elected officials back to work as intended for We the People with a playbook for the future.

This is also about preventing the current persecution of innocent American citizens that is going on from sea to shining sea. This is about not only preserving liberty for future generations but passing on an America that is financially healthy. Our Nation is at the point of the financial abyss, and all many elected officials want to do is print more monopoly money and make sure their pensions are funded. Again, our Nation was here prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please tell me your thoughts and what needs to be changed to prevent our current path of self-destruction.
Moving on.

Our Webb Weekly star of the class of 2020 is Alex Reid from Loyalsock Township. What an unbelievable high school career he has put together. He will be heading off to Duke University in the fall and hopefully serve our Nation in the Air Force upon graduation. See story page 4.

Our weekly family business of the week is Robin and John Tebbs and the great folks at Tebbs Farms and Greenhouses. The Tebbs family epitomizes all that is right on God’s green Earth not only in small business but most importantly in God, Country, and family.

The business, which began With Dick and Maple’s roadside stand on Four Mile Drive, is now on its 3rd generation. Rachel, like Mother Robin, can be found with the ladies working the front end of the store. While Dave can be found like his Father working the fields and the back end of the business. A 4th generation is already in training. A tip of my Webb Weekly hat with the American Flag on the side to the Tebbs family and their staff. “They’ve been on the grow since 1948.”

God Bless America.

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Jim Webb

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  • mark Nicholas
    May 17, 2020, 8:32 am

    Even though you go to great lengths to say you’re not trying to push an agenda, all you talk about is how republicans and trump are great and Democrats are terrible, so much for NOT pushing an agenda.