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An All-American Celebration of Freedom

Happy Fourth of July America! It seems like only yesterday I was downtown for the Bicentennial Parade. Wow, where have those 43 years gone? As you celebrate everything that is the United States of America on our 243rd Independence Day, please take a moment to reflect and give thanks. Take a knee for the only reason any American should, to thank God for the blessing of our Nation.

Please take a moment to talk with your children and explain what the 4th of July is all about. Provide a quick history lesson to help them understand that all they view around them didn’t just happen by chance. That it has taken a constant commitment by the citizens of the United States of America to earn and protect our freedom. That those that serve in our military deserve our utmost respect and thank you, we all need to shoulder the responsibility of teaching our younger folks the true history of our great land. This just isn’t happening in our educational systems. Our accurate American history should be taught kindergarten through college graduation.

We must teach our future generations our history, so they understand that selflessness empowers the people. That when one is selfless, they are truly working for the good. Our young folks, and at this point to me that’s anybody that’s under 35, must understand with freedom comes great responsibility. Our way of life as intended must always be protected. That our military’s strength created by the success of our great land should only be used in the name of good.

Make sure you get out and enjoy everything that is Independence Day in America. A day to celebrate Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness with your family and friends.

Nothing says America like the great smell of hamburgers and hot dogs cooking on the grill, the summer salad of your choice, maybe a family softball or Wiffle ball game. How about some cornhole, KanJam or horseshoes? The pool, creek, or river of your choice for a little cooling down. Maybe some early morning fishing. And of course, fireworks. What would the Fourth of July be without fireworks and the smell of gunpowder in the morning and evening? That triggers the thought of possibly a little plinking or clay bird shooting.

The sounds of country music or a baseball game on the radio in the background just enhances the 4th of July in America. As does the beverage of your choice straight from the icy confines of your Igloo cooler or maybe I should say Yeti in the world of today. Come on now, what’s more all American than that?

All of the above-mentioned freedoms and choices are provided by the Constitution of the United States of America and protected by our service men and women at home and around the world. We can never allow any operative of evil to threaten our future Independence Day celebrations. We all know the normal cast of characters that includes Russia, China, North Korea, and the craziness of the Middle East.

However, if Lady Liberty looked in a mirror, she would recognize that our greatest enemy is within our borders. The infiltration of our government by the creators of division that are willing to walk all over our constitutional rights. Those that want to change the very foundation of what America has been built upon.

I have stated several times in previous articles that the hardworking everyday Democrats must take their party back. It has been hijacked by the extreme socialistic liberal left. I do not believe the views of the overwhelming majority of Democrats align with this element that is currently bullying the party. This was most evident during last week’s Democratic debate. I actually felt bad for former VP Joe Biden. What he had to endure by being on stage with these jack astronauts was painful to watch. As was the lack of respect he was shown.

My Grandfather was a staunch, well-respected, well-connected Democrat. I was very blessed to have him in my life. When my Grandfather talked, you listened. He could teach you a lot by saying only a little.

My Pappy’s Democratic Party was one who protected the workingman, especially those that made a living with their hands. One that believed government should create opportunity for the non-working to be trained and then work hard for a paycheck. His party believed our veterans should always be taken care of, as well as any American that couldn’t legitimately take care of themselves. Where has Pappy’s party gone?

Obviously, my Father was on the other side of the political aisle. However, I remember thinking there wasn’t really much difference between a Republican and Democrat. At that point in American history, the biggest difference was how the taxpayers’ dollars should be spent. This was something I always imagined was solved, whether it was in Harrisburg or Washington, over a couple of drinks and dinner. When the elected would return to chambers, they simply compromised their beliefs for the good of our state and Nation. They truly had the best interest of our Country in their heads and hearts.

One thing I can tell you for a fact. Both my Father and Grandfather’s Parties believed in Independence, not dependency. That is what our great Nation was founded for and intended to be all about.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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