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Scoring Points for MS

Scoring Points for MS

If you like big bucks and you cannot lie, this week’s column is for you. That reference is from the Sir Mix-a-Lot hit from 1992, “Baby Got Back.” Yes, I know he’s not talking about big bucks in the song. Isn’t it funny, though, in today’s world of Google, that you read the lyrics and realize how many words you’ve had wrong for years? However, that’s a column for another day, and boy, do I have some funny stories for you.

As promised, I have the results of the 2020-21 Webb Weekly Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest. Wow, what a year it was in our little neck of Penns Woods. We had a record number of entrants into the contest, 149. On behalf of each hunter who shared their success with us, we make a donation to the local MS Society. This totaled an Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck team effort of $1,650 to help fight the battle against MS. A tip of my Webb Weekly orange hunting hat with the American Flag on the side to all who entered.

The contest is named for my Uncle Ron Maietta an avid outdoorsman who fought a long battle against MS, and Webb Weekly’s own Uncle Ron Mingle. Ron has overseen the contest since the beginning and his wife, Steph, deals with MS each day. The Mingle family has done a great job raising awareness and donations through hard work and effort to take on the disease.

We use the Safari Club International (SCI) scoring system for the contest, which is the best way to equally score typical and non-typical whitetail harvested by bow or gun. Longtime taxidermy man Dana Poust and assistant Sam are official scorers.
Now the tale of this year’s tape.

4th place goes to Sheldon Bastion. His 10 point trophy had an 18 1/2” spread and scored 148.6 SCI.

3rd place: Reuben Fisher. He checked in with a beautiful 10 point, sporting a 17 1/2” spread. SCI Score 158.3.

Runner up: Nathan Ressler. His tale of a tank totaled 13 point, a 19” spread, and scored 161.1.

This year’s winner: Myles Barbour. His monster measured up at 14 points, 17 1/8” spread, and a total SCI Score of 164.6. Myles wins the amazing artistic taxidermy work of Dana and Sam at Poust Taxidermy. They will provide a full shoulder mount of Miles’ choice. Congrats!

Our 2nd through 4th place winners will receive a $100 gift card for venison processing at Thompson’s in Jersey Shore. They do an incredible job of turning your venison into finished edibles you can enjoy all year long.

That only leaves us with the random winner of the 783 Remington rifle package courtesy of Sauer’s Trading. Remember, every buck harvested is a trophy in the hands of the holder and can be entered. Size really doesn’t matter. This year’s winner is Josh Snavely. John and his son, Donny, take care of all the paperwork and legalities at Sauers Trading Post in Southside.

Now some Webb Weekly Uncle Ron Monster Buck facts from over the years triggered by this year’s record number of entrants.

Reuben Fisher won our 1st contest back in 2009. His trophy that year was scored 178.4. This year’s 3rd place finisher is a different Reuben Fischer.

Joe Goodman checks in all-time at number 3. His 16 pt. with a 22” spread scored 182.5.

Lady hunter Haley Mumma won the contest a couple of years back with an absolute 18 pt. monster featuring an 18 3/4” spread. Final score 183.2 SCI.

And the absolute all-time tank of a monster topping the charts is Matt Staggert’s 12 pt., 20” spread scoring 183.2. This ginormous whitetail won the 2014-15 contest.

A special shout out to Dana Poust, who has been with us since the beginning of the contest, for all his efforts. My good friends John and Donny Sauers helped register the big bucks and take care of the business end of the random rifle drawing. And to Mr. Thompson and the good folks at Thompson’s Packing. Great salt of the earth people who have provided great products and services since 1887!

Take some time to get out and hone in those shooting skills no matter the weapon of choice. Always remember safety comes first.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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