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Free is the Gateway Entitlement to Government Dependency

The early morning fog, cooler temperatures, and sound of the high school band practicing can mean only one thing; the calendar has flipped to August. Wow, has summer flown by even faster than normal this year. I have been out of school for many a moon, but I still feel like I should count down the last days of summer vacation. First to the beginning of two-a-day football practices and then to the worst thing possible, the return to school. I still get that feeling in the pit of my stomach that I don’t want to go.

I am sure some are reading this thinking, I loved my school days, while others know exactly how I feel. How many of you still wake up with anxiety over being late for class or failing to study for a test? My hand is raised.

I have always liked going to work way better than sitting in any class. When I was in high school, my Father would give me the worst jobs he could find. This was to encourage me to go to college. His approach definitely gave me an appreciation for hard work. It also made me hungry for a weekly paycheck and having my own place, rather than sitting in some Gen. Ed. class.

I can’t imagine having the opportunities that are out there for young people in today’s world. Especially the earning power. Did I mention I started my work career-making minimum wage, $3.35/hour? That was a big encouragement, to learn all I could and work my way up the ladder.

What our federal and state government has done in paying and providing people more not to work than to get up every day and punch the clock is hamstringing our Nation. You can call it an American Rescue Plan or whatever you want, but to me, it’s national welfare for the employable. And here’s where I must put in the disclaimer: I am not talking about Americans that are truly unable to work or need a helping hand. Our Nation should always take care of our fellow Americans. I am talking about a large percentage of Americans who are drinking the Kool-Aid and becoming dependent on government programs instead of going to work.

The current problem proves that free, free, free, trumps work ethic for many that don’t need government assistance. This also exposes the media, the President, and Governor Wolf for the go-to lie that Americans are not going back to work due to low wages. I’m tired of hearing President Biden say, “businesses should pay more money than they are to get employees back to work.” Most already pay well; they just can’t beat that free thing with no work required. This brings me to my next point, if you don’t like your job, find a new one. There has never been a better time to change your profession. There has never been a better time to find a higher-paying job.

Stop complaining about your current job or employer that you have chosen and find something better.

There are more jobs in our local area than people to fill them. Our unemployment rate could be 0, except for those that have a legitimate reason not to work.

Regarding this, I apologize if you did not receive your Webb Weekly on time this past week. The United States Postal Service, locally, simply doesn’t have enough people to deliver the mail. Please do not take this out on your route carrier; they are doing the best that they can and are stressed beyond belief.

There is a Webb Weekly for everyone in our distribution area; if you have happened not to receive one, call my office. My staff and I will make sure you have a Webb Weekly in your hands ASAP.

With every problem comes an opportunity for someone. The United States Postal Service is hiring. If you choose to join the postal service team as a carrier, you make $18.01 an hour. If you choose to be a rural carrier, you make $19.06 an hour. There are a variety of other jobs available, all with great benefits. Go to if interested.

Each week our publication is filled with great employment opportunities. Just take a look at the Allison Crane and Rigging on page 19. How about those wages? Every automobile dealership is looking for employees and paying top dollar.

No matter the position. Fairfield Manufacturing Company, STA, PMF Industries, Susquehanna Trailways, American Wood Company, West Company, First Quality — you name it, everybody needs people. The Williamsport Bureau of Police is looking for police officers.

Many businesses in our area will train and invest in you whatever money needed to get you the licensing and certifications necessary for the job. Please don’t buy into the myth that a college degree is required to have a great-paying job. There is currently something available for almost everyone. Go get it!

What National welfare for the employable proves is that many Americans will take the fish every day rather than learn to fish, even when the fish they can catch on their own are bigger. That when people are given anything long-term for free, it loses value and becomes expected. And lastly, this problem created by our national and state governments of free, free, free does not discriminate. It’s time for all Americans to get back to work.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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