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An “Oorah” Recognition, Veteran Thanksgiving, and Big Buck Repetition

An “Oorah” Recognition, Veteran Thanksgiving, and Big Buck Repetition

My good friend Hal Gee threw me a perfect spiral a couple of weeks back to go with my Veterans Day story for 11/3. It was a beautiful pass, just like Hal and Lisa’s son Tyler throws for Coach Van Fleet and the Lancers. I’m not going to say I dropped it; I’m going with — it took me a week longer to get it on paper than it should have.

Hal suggested I should give a salute to the United States Marine Corps on its 246 birthday, which was honored on November 10th. I agreed and was appreciative of the information he provided.

I mentioned last week our Nation has been fighting for its freedom since before our Declaration of Independence. On November 10th, 1775, the Continental Marines was founded. This day has become recognized as the birthdate of the United States Marine Corps. It was first celebrated on July 11th, 1799.

The military importance of the United States Marine Corps to our Nation’s freedom could never be overstated. There are currently over 35 Marine Corps bases around the world, most located right here at home in the United States. There are over 186,000 Marines currently on active duty and 35,500 reserve personnel.

A sincere and heartfelt belated birthday to the United States Marine Corps. A little side note — Once a Marine, always a Marine — Sergeant Hal Gee left active duty in 1988. He served as a nuclear artilleryman. A position he informed me, with a note of relief, no longer exists.

In keeping with our military theme, a hard-working thank you to all the staff at Dolly’s Diners’ three locations. You truly took care of the business end of our Veterans Day breakfast with a smile, a thank you for your service, and an unbelievable plate of food for 307 true American Heroes.

An all-American thank you to the record number of Veterans and family members that came out. I feel so blessed I got to shake hands with and hear stories from so many. If we really wanted the truth about American history, we should allow our Veterans to write it, especially the WW II gentleman I was so fortunate to speak with.

A Webb Weekly thank you to Ron Insinger and his family for the wonderful partnership in providing a thank you for what these amazing men and women have done for all of us. It was so great to see and give Carol Insinger a hug as she was busy making toast. I wonder how many loaves of bread Dolly’s used throughout that day?

A special shout out to Robin and John Tebbs, John Young, and Ron Guisewhite for your extra support of the event.

Tip of my Webb Weekly blaze orange hunting hat with the American Flag on the side to the father/daughter duo of Dean and Lacey Kriebel. An assist to mom, Amy, for first reaching out to me with pictures.

Lacey, 15, like so many of our talented area athletes, made the best of her limited hunting time. A couple of Saturdays back, she cashed in on her first buck. A beautiful 6 point with a 15 and a 1/2 inch spread that she took with her crossbow while hunting with dad.

Of course, daddy Dean was not going to be outdone. A couple of days later, a monster buck made the mistake of wandering out in front of the same stand Lacey shot her trophy out of. The 8-point tank sported a 22” spread. Both have been entered in our Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest. Again, congrats to both.

Remember, a trophy is in the eye of the holder, and any buck registered gains your entry into a random contest courtesy of Sauers Trading; shout out to Papa Jon and son Don Sauers. First prize in our annual contest is a shoulder mount courtesy of Dana and Sam at Poust Taxidermy. And 2nd through 4th prizes earn a $100 venison processing gift card from Stoltzfus Butcher Shop in Loganton.

To all those hitting the woods, please continue to keep reaching out to me with the great hunting stories and photos. My contact information is always on page 4.

What an amazing family tradition hunting is in the Keystone State. Let’s all be careful out there, and good luck to everyone.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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