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A Groundhog, Some Seals, A Patriot’s Balls and Mayor Gabe’s Appeal

Each day that passes brings us one day closer to spring. I don’t want to wish days away, but warm weather and baseball sounds pretty good to me about right now.

There’s plenty going on around our great State and Nation to keep things interesting on a cold winter’s night. Where do I start? Let’s begin with an early spring. I’m sure most will appreciate the birds singing, the temperature rising and the kids back outside until dark.

No worries, Ken Hunter of outdoor fame, has been dispatched to Punxsutawney to take care of that large rodent problem they have. You know the one that always seems to bring us six more weeks of winter.

Ken’s efforts fell a little short last year. His plan was good, undercover in a custom fit groundhog suit; he just underestimated the tightness within those groundhog holes and tunnels and the fact Punxy Phil had Gopher Guards and a security system. Those Gopher Guards are one tough group. They received their training from former Navy Seals. I know what you’re thinking. Why would former military personnel train gophers to protect Phil? Wrong seals, these are the ones that perform for the Navy at Sea World near the large Naval base in San Diego. Anyway, they know when something is fishy.

Ken’s plan for this year and the elimination of his target is top secret. All he would say is, “Did you ever see the movie Caddy Shack?” I didn’t have the heart to tell him the groundhog, or gopher as they called him, lived at the end of that movie.

Speaking of movies, if you haven’t seen American Sniper take the time and go. It is a must see for so many reasons. Bradley Cooper is outstanding and has been even better shooting down any poppycock the liberal left has spread about this movie. He truly honors our Nation and our great military during the movie and having the character to speak out about the movie.

Cooper plays Navy Seal Chris Kyle the top sniper in American military history. The story is real. The portrayal of Islamist hatred of America is real. The complete disregard of human life and hatred of America by those workers of evil is going on around the World each and every day.

The film is produced and directed by Clint Eastwood. Every I is dotted and every T crossed to make sure this is an accurate account of Mr. Kyle’s life and what our servicemen and women encounter to keep us safe here at home. I don’t want to give the movie and it’s ending away so I’ll stop here.

How about all the hot air over the deflation of Patriot game balls during their victory over Indianapolis in the AFC Championship Game? I cannot believe with all that is going on in the world Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are the top story for a pound or two of air?

Let’s be honest, this is more about the media not liking all the success the two have shared in New England and wanting to create a story and the media trying to tarnish their legacy in the pursuit of a story. Like those that hate the Yankees because they are just the Yankees and have won on a regular basis. Do you think anyone cares how much air the Oakland Raiders put in their game balls?

The actions taken by teams like the Yankees, Patriots and Lakers are always under more scrutiny. Nobody cares about perennial losers. I also guarantee you every starting quarterback in the NFL has the ball the way he wants it. A little more air if you’re Aaron Rodgers, a little less air if you’re Philip Rivers, a little pizza sauce and cheese if you’re Peyton Manning. Why pizza sauce and cheese for Peyton? So by Super Bowl time he accepts his role for the big game, peddling pizzas during commercials.

The game officials are used to the normal tolerance rate of the hardness of the pigskin. They know each team has a preference. That’s why by rule each team uses their own game balls. If an official feels there is a problem or receives a complaint he will check it and throw the ball out. Tom Brady could hand a Nerf ball off to LeGarrette Blount. The Colts still have never tackled him. The NFL stated the balls were properly inflated for the second half of the game. That is when the Pats routed the Colts.

No NFL game has ever been determined by hot air. That is left to the media.

On to more serious issues. Here at home Mayor Gabriel Campana has announced his running for reelection in the City. Unless the Mayor is found out to be lowering the air pressure of City Bus tires I think he is safe. Although he did deflate basketballs in Memorial Park. Boy, people get upset with that whole PSI thing. I better avoid over inflation and under inflation in my column, I’ll just stick to inflation as in reference to an occurrence in the American economy.

Mayor Gabe has done an outstanding job. Yes, he made an error or two. Anyone who makes as many decisions and is facing the challenges of governing Williamsport will have this happen.

Just take a look around town and at its appearance. Mayor Campana’s leadership has been good for Billtown.

The police force has dug in and with the support of county and state law enforcement is making a difference in crime and the war against heroin.

Fire protection in the city is solid and well managed. They could use more paid fireman but unfortunately this is the economic struggle of a paid department in today’s world. Both police and fire could use a few more good guys on their forces. Public Safety always needs to be job one, Mayor Gabe understands this and does his best to balance safety and budget.

Bottom line – Mayor Campana is a good man who loves our City and works hard for it. He only wants the best for Williamsport and seeks no political climb by using Williamsport. He is very approachable and not afraid of the pitfalls of the job. He now is also a veteran of the position. Tip of the cap to you Mayor Gabe. Keep up the good work.

Mr. Mayor, just one more thing, please no more hockey at Historic Bowman Field. We could use an indoor baseball facility if you want to put a dome over it? Just kidding. Don’t want to start that rumor.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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