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Postal Gratitude and Monster Buck Attitude

A tip of my Webb Weekly cap with the American Flag on the side to our local postal carriers. They do a great job each and every week making sure the Webb Weekly gets delivered right to your home. I consider these fine folks my partners in business. They do the heavy lifting and delivery end of the operation.

The unofficial United States Postal Service motto goes, “Neither snow nor rain nor sleet nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” They can now add coronavirus to this creed. Throughout the pandemic, their efforts have continued without interruption. They have been on the front lines of delivery services across our Nation. In addition to your daily mail, the USPS is the largest deliverer of e-commerce in our Nation. This fact often goes overlooked. There has never been more asked of your neighborhood postman or woman in USPS history.

Last week’s Webb Weekly, including the Home Improvement Guide, was 104 pages, delivered to 58,000 homes. Again, thank you to each and every post person; I appreciate your efforts. Webb Weekly spends around $600,000 a year with the USPS for this service. To me, it is an investment in every business that advertises to make sure their message is seen, and an investment in the men and women that deliver our publication. There is nothing more important than keeping the circulation of business revenue within our local communities. I hope our commitment to the community, local businesses, and to the United States Postal Service has helped not only in supporting local commerce, but also in creating and providing job security. When you see your neighborhood post person tell them thank you and don’t forget to think of them at holiday time.

So, this is where you thought I was going to talk about the United States Postal Service and the upcoming presidential election. I will talk about this in the near future. Just a little insight, it is completely unrealistic to ask the USPS to handle the responsibility of an election. It is logistically impossible, and absolutely overbearing to their current staffing model to take on such a task. There is no way they can provide the security and timely service required by election guidelines.

As seen on the cover, this week is our annual kickoff to fall hunting and outdoor. As I often state, we are so blessed to live within this absolutely amazing stretch of Penn’s woods. The natural beauty and resources are a gift from God. There is just so much to be enjoyed outdoors. There is something for everyone, from hunting and fishing to hiking and biking, to just taking a daily walk and enjoying all that’s going on around you. Make sure to include your kids and 4-legged friends. In my case, they both see better than me. A shout out to the little girl and her family that pointed out the two beautiful bald eagles that were recently soaring over South Williamsport, I would have missed them.

The beginning of the Pennsylvania archery season marks the kickoff to our Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest. It’s hard to believe this will be our 13th season. A quick overview. The contest is named in honor of my Uncle Ron Maietta, who was an avid outdoorsman and left us way too soon, and Webb Weekly’s very own Ron Mingle, who has overseen the contest from the beginning. Although Ron has retired, he still can’t get away from me.

The contest is simple; if you’re lucky enough to bag a buck, you can enter. All that is required is to bring your buck or antlers to Poust Taxidermy or Sauers Trading to get scored and registered. Of course, all Pennsylvania State Game Commission rules and regulations apply.

So, here’s how you win. The biggest buck scored wins a first prize shoulder mount courtesy of Poust Taxidermy. Dana, along with Sam, do absolutely amazing work. They have been with us for all 13 years — tip of my orange hunting cap to them for their amazing work and effort.

The 2nd through 4th biggest bucks down win a $100 venison processing gift certificate from my good friends at Thompson’s in Jersey Shore. They do an unbelievable job of turning venison into your favorite venison edibles. I always strongly recommend the jalapeno and cheese hot dogs.

Up next is why size doesn’t matter to enter our Monster Buck Contest. Any buck harvested is a trophy in the eyes of the beholder and can be registered to win our random drawing of a Remington 783 model rifle with all the trimmings courtesy of my good friends at Sauers Trading in South Side. Tip of my Remington cap to John and son Donnie for all they do. All state and federal firearm laws apply if you’re the lucky winner.

Now here is the best part of the contest; Webb Weekly donates to the Multiple Sclerosis Society for every buck that’s entered. If you’re blessed enough to be successful this season, make a little extra effort and get that buck registered. By doing so, your buck earns instant bucks to help fight the battle against MS. Complete details of the contest can be found on page 39.

So, let’s all get out and about and enjoy the beautiful fall weather and changing colors across the West Branch Valley. Please focus on what’s going on around you and be safe out there!

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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