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Seventeen Years and Sixteen Days

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that President George W. Bush attended the Little League World Series. The former president is a huge baseball fan, and at one time even owned the Texas Rangers. He was as excited about visiting the Little League World Series as the players who were participating.

It was a beautiful sun-drenched day as President Bush was honored with his enshrinement into Little League Baseball’s Hall of Excellence. He would then throw out the first pitch for the LLWS Championship game featuring Apopka, Florida and Tokyo, Japan. Michelle and I were in attendance with a young Jimmy and Hunter. As were my Father and Carol. I remember talking with my Dad after the game about what a great All American day it was. The only thing that could have made it better was if the boys from Florida would have won.

It’s still hard to believe that only 16 days later, the world would be changed forever. Everything that was right with humanity and was represented that day at Little League attacked by pure evil.

The joy of a father enjoying the Little League World Series with his sons was replaced by the fear of a day that would become known just as 9/11. The uncertainty and disbelief of watching the World Trade Centers fall, and wondering what was next, followed by the realization and fear of the world my sons would then be growing up in.

I lived through the Three Mile Island crisis as a child, along with the thought of nuclear annihilation during the Cold War. But that was absolutely nothing compared to the events of September 11, 2001.

We can never forget the events of that day that threatened all that’s good in the world, beginning with our precious freedom. The war on terror that began that day will continue as long as we’re blessed by victory in the name of good. It’s a never-ending war fought by our nation’s military personnel, and they get far too little credit for the job they do.

We must always honor these great men and women that protect our Country. America’s true heroes at home and abroad, some pay with their future. Our government must be held accountable; they should never have to worry about healthcare, a hot meal or a warm bed for what they have given in the name of the United States of America. This includes their families. We must also hold our government accountable that our military forces are only used to defend Good vs. Evil. Never losing sight that our Nation was founded in the name of God.

We must always remember the innocent victims taken from their families and loved ones much too soon. The First Responders who answered their last call as that cloud of dust engulfed Manhattan. The unknown victims of the day that later lost their lives to that aforementioned carcinogenic dust. That day must burn within every American’s memory. There are bad people out there that will stop at nothing to bring terror and destruction to our way of life.

A Team Game

It is again my privilege to be teaming up with Cable Sports Productions and PA Sports Live for a third season of the best high school football action our area has to offer. Friday Night Lights brings, you the fan, two great gridiron matchups easily found on the technology of your choice at Another season of Touchdowns and Tailgates powered by the Fairfield Auto Group is a weekly Wednesday must-see about the players, coaches, and teams that make Pennsylvania High School football the tradition it is in our West Branch Valley.

It truly takes a team effort each week to pull this off. Gary Chrisman and Cable Sports have been bringing you the best of high school sports for over three decades. His sidekick Babe Mayer, and go-to guy-in-a-pinch, Ken Sawyer, are also legendary sports broadcasters. Gary had his hands full this year with the early start to the high school football season beginning before his great coverage of the Little League World Series ended. But come Friday night, Gary and his gang didn’t miss a beat covering the 2018 kickoff of the Williamsport Millionaire’s greatest show on turf. You can also find Gary at

PA Sports Live features our second game of the week and provides the football fan double coverage of the best local football action. Paul McGinn and Paul Bo are on the call for these matchups. The two might be rookies compared to Gary and Babe, but they do an outstanding job in their own right. Both are truly passionate about our area’s athletes and teams. PA Sports Live also provides the expertise for live streaming and tying the broadcast together for one easy view.

Touchdowns and Tailgates gets me out of the office and onto the practice field to bring you a this-Week-in-West-Branch-Valley-Football, type show. We interview the coaches and players that make Friday nights happen. We provide a review, preview, player of the week, and team of the week.

I am again proud to be teamed with Gary and Chris Masse from the Sun-Gazette. Doc Massey always provides some great pigskin knowledge, along with his top five ranking of area teams and Sun-Gazette player of the week. I choose the Webb Weekly team of the week based upon who shined the most brightly the previous Friday night.

The show will make you realize how blessed our area is with fine young gentlemen that play the game, and the coaches who lead them. Yes, it’s all about football, but will definitely show you the most important thing isn’t the final score on Friday night.

God Bless and Protect America.

Jim Webb

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