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As President Obama finishes up his eight years in the White House, one thing is blatantly obvious—there has never been a time in American history when ‘We the People’ need to unite as one for the good of our Nation more than the present. We are truly blessed to have all the prosperity and opportunity we do as American citizens. However, there seems to be division created by selfishness, difference in political opinion, lack of common sense and, in some cases, the acceptance of criminal acts and evil behavior as a political statement. These actions know no color and do not discriminate. They are simply wrong and intolerable.

Our Country is facing many challenges—from ISIS and North Korea at the top of the list from a national security standpoint, to border control and homeland security. My question is not about what President Donald Trump’s plan is as much as where do you start? A national debt that continues to spin out of control, and an economy that I don’t care what anyone says, is on the brink of disaster, and you can think of the next items to add to the list for Mr. Trump. Folks, there is a lot that needs addressing, fixing and in some cases just plain throwing out and starting over.

Did I mention a national news media that seems to want to always find the worst of the worst and create a slant of division among fellow Americans? Whether it be by race, political affiliation or what someone else ate for dinner, the freedom of the First Amendment has seemed to turn into not reporting the news, but creating division and more news. Social media and its use for negativity and quite honestly evil also fuels the fire. This is an individual’s choice to use their First Amendment right in a way that is detrimental to the good.

I do have some good news for you my friends; we live in the United States of America. We can address and fix our problems, but we have to unite and do it together. Government, no matter if you’re a Democrat or Republican, cannot change our course, we must as individuals hold government accountable, make the choice to be accountable for our actions and, “Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country.” – President John F. Kennedy

We have to become One Nation Under God. We have to go back to work for the good of the freedom we are blessed with and for the perseverance of that very freedom for our children and future generations. There are too many Americans living off our Nation and fellow Americans’ efforts—this must stop. Again this begins with personal choice but also accountability created by leadership.

One thing that gets me fired up beyond belief is when I watch the reports and hear the stories about fellow Americans rooting against Donald Trump to succeed as President. This is a small segment of the far liberal left, that won’t accept him as President and want him to fail at all costs. Folks, that is wanting our Country to fail. We need whomever the President is to make good decisions and govern our Great Nation for the good of our future.

An interesting twist on this is that they want to portray this as the view of the Democratic Party. This is not the view of the Democratic Party; it is a view of a small portion who associate themselves with the Democratic Party. Truth be told it was the Democrats that would not vote for Hillary and voted for President-Elect Trump that won him the Oval Office.

After President Obama was elected I wrote that we needed to come together and support our President for the good of our Nation. We must do the same for President Trump. For those of you wondering, my pen will hold Mr. Trump responsible no differently than Mr. Obama. But he first must be given a chance and an opportunity to succeed by all of us. Remember if he wins with his policy and actions, we all win.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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