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  • I Want to Watch Sports, Not an Episode of “The View”0

    As I watch what’s being spun on TV, I can’t believe the hosts of an ABC morning show want me to believe that they’re knowledgeable and will help educate the American people on what’s really going on in the world. They might as well follow that up with if they don’t, David Muir will on

  • Crazed and Evil Perpetrators0

    The cover reading February 21st means only one more issue this month; that’s a good thing. To go along with Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day falling on the same date, we also have a leap year in 2024. An early Happy Birthday to all those folks who only celebrate that special day once every four

  • Love and President’s Day Reality0

    Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Please don’t forget that special someone in your life on a day intended to show and celebrate your feelings. Maybe it’s your spouse or someone you’re hoping will be. Maybe you and the person you love now have children to celebrate on Valentine’s Day. I have always loved getting my kids

  • Finally February and Some Football Fever0

    Well, I’ve got some great news for everybody. The calendar reads February, and whether the groundhog saw his shadow or not, by the end of the month, we will have about an hour more of daylight. The 1st day of March represents the beginning of Spring to many, which is another added bonus. I am

  • Winner, Winner Venison Dinner0

    This is one of my favorite columns to write each and every year. We have the results of our 16th Annual Webb Weekly Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest. I am very proud of our Monster Buck Contest and the job all involved do in making this happen. Which is not me. I stay out of

  • All Clear for Takeoff0

    The big news this past week from the Williamsport Regional Airport was there would soon be commercial flights touching down in Montoursville. There have been no commercial airlines going wheels up out of the airport since 2021. There has been a lot of money, construction, and effort put into the facility. Believe me, I’ve heard


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