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Hit the Bricks Bernie

Tip of the cap to Don Bushor winner of the Webb Weekly Monster Buck contest. The tale of the tape – 12 points, 19 5/8 spread, scored 163 3/8 by Sierra Club standards. That’s a big rack! Thank you to Tommy Springman and the Country Store Venison Shop, Dana Poust at Poust Taxidermy and John and Don Sauers my good friends at Sauers Trading. This year we had a record number of big bucks down and entered. For complete results and those great pictures of area trophy Whitetail see page 59.

This week I feel it necessary to spend some time discussing the two Democratic candidates for the White House. One belongs in jail, one belongs in China or maybe they both belong in a galaxy far, far away.

I cannot believe in our Nation founded for freedom and built in democracy that an individual with socialistic beliefs would ever be elected for anything. What scares me more than Mr. Obama being our Commander-in-Chief is that citizens of our great Nation are actually voting for this 75-year-old whack job to represent the Democratic Party in November.

For almost 239 years Americans have fought, spilled blood and made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, democracy and the American way. The American way being a free-market capitalistic economy. This allows you to choose whatever occupation you would like to pursue. It rewards you for education, hard work and financial planning. You may choose to do nothing at all and allow the working to bear your financial burden. That’s becoming a larger problem each and every day.

Please do not try to portray socialism as anything that has to do with America because it does not, Mr. Sanders. There is no such thing as American socialism – that is an oxymoron. It was a term invented by the educational elitists at Ivy League universities to try to sell socialism over our free market economic system and democracy.
China is the largest country in the world governed by a socialistic one party system. Communism is not socialism but the two go hand-in-hand as proven by China. Their population is almost 1.5 billion and no matter how you cut it their socialistic economic structure is enforced by their military. Who can forget when the college students seeking freedom protested and the conflict that occurred in Tiananmen Square in the late 80s?

Socialism and absolute government control are inseparable. The socialistic economic structure was created by the Marxist-Leninism philosophy during the early 1900s. Soviet Union ruler Joseph Stalin implemented this ideology.

It then became a common economic social system for China, Vietnam and Cuba. Other European nations such as Germany also joined the socialist movement.
Do not try to hide what it is and where it came from Mr. Bernie Stalin, I mean Sanders. The truth is plain and simple.

The citizens of a socialistic nation usually have given up on individual rights and freedom. They have no choice because of that tyrannical rule of their government. That’s what makes this so utterly unbelievable to me – that American citizens want to give up freedom and be like the nearly 1.5 billion citizens of China. Nearly all of these folks want to come to American soil. Why don’t they? They are not allowed to; their souls are owned by socialist rulers of China.

This is probably a good thing for us; can you imagine the problem if China’s economy hit rock bottom and they booted out 5 million or so unwanted Chinese nationalists? You think the world has a problem with the Syrian immigration. Unfortunately I don’t think their fate would be that lucky.

Bernie Sanders should run for election in China! Anyone who votes for or supports him should be deported to China in exchange for someone who would give their right arm for the freedom of America.

This leaves you, if you’re a Democrat, with only one choice during primary season, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Yes, I just wrote that, sad but true.

Do not believe that made-for-TV rhetoric that Hillary’s going to jail over current FBI investigation and the charges that will result when concluded. Remember the FBI reports their findings to Attorney General Loretta Lynch. It is up to her to file charges if illegalities are found. It’s never going to happen.

A.G. Lynch, appointed by President Obama wants to remain in Washington after he is gone. Are you reading the tea leaves with me?

The Clinton political machine has gotten away with far worse than what Hillary has done. This is just another moment to prove how the Clintons and the Democratic Party stand united.

I cannot believe I’m agreeing with my sister Morgan who campaigns for Hillary. The only Democratic candidate worth your primary vote wears a pants suit. Bernie does not have a chance as the Primary elections roll into the big-ticket democratic states. His only chance would be to request a change of venue to China.

Everyday Players

Congrats to 10-year-old Jayson Sawyer on winning a new Ruger .243 compact rifle courtesy of Sauers Trading.

Young Mr. Sawyer shot his first buck, a beautiful 8-point and entered it in the Webb Weekly Monster Buck Contest. Although it didn’t place within the top prize winning racks, it qualified him to win the rifle of his choice. His name was selected from almost 70 entrants.

So, what does this have to do with the Everyday Player? I’m glad you asked. I reached out to Mr. Chad Sawyer, Jayson’s Dad to congratulate him and his son’s winning of the rifle. He informed me of the “Rest of the Story” which instantly made Chad the Everyday Player this week.

Mr. Sawyer had not hunted in recent years. He and his wife Jamie have been busy raising four children, Alyssa (14), Tommy (12), Jayson and 8-year-old Hayden. When Jayson and Hayden decided they wanted to hunt Penn’s Woods Dad wanted to make sure safety came first and he shared his knowledge about hunting and the outdoors with his sons.

Mr. Sawyer is a hardworking Air Force veteran whose priorities had taken him away from the outdoors, the boys were about to rekindle his love and excitement of hunting and provide a father and son memory of a lifetime.

Dad had Jayson set up at that perfect spot opening day. Hayden’s hunt would come tomorrow since Jayson was older. Within an hour two bucks showed up, an 8-point and a spike. As Dad and Jayson waited for the pair to come into range it appeared to Chad the Dad the 8-point had run off. From his vantage point only the spike continued into shooting range. Directing Jayson all the way, when the spike was in range he gave the order to shoot him in the neck when ready.

Jayson did just that, but to his Father’s surprise the spike ran off when he shot. Jayson’s excitement coupled with “I got him, I got him” caused Dad to shift his vantage point where he saw a big buck down. Jayson had the 8-point in his sight the whole time; he had just stopped and retreated a little out of Dad’s sightline.
“Jim, I haven’t had that heart pounding excitement and pure joy of hunting in years. My son and I were giving high fives, jumping up and down. It brings tears to my eyes telling you about it,” Chad the Dad informed me. I told him I know the feeling.

The joy of sharing the outdoors with your son or daughter is truly a special blessing. When everything comes together and your son or daughter harvests their first buck or a trophy buck, or both in Jayson’s case, there is nothing better. Tip of the fluorescent orange hunting cap to you Chad. Thanks for sharing your special story.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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