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Tough Times Require Tough Decision Making

Former President Jimmy Carter is even speaking out against President Barack Hussein Obama’s lack of leadership and his delay on taking immediate action against ISIS. The former president knows a thing or two about what it takes to have a bad presidential effort and how problems in the Middle East contribute to this. He is probably just glad he won’t go down as the worst president in American history and feels it’s a good time to pile on President Obama and make sure of this.

What has always amazed me about President Carter is if there ever was a former leader who should have headed up the fight for America’s energy independence it was him. Our country was almost stopped dead in our tracks during the oil crisis of the 70s. Gasoline shortages, high heating bills and being dictated to by OPEC, it should have made our former president the champion of American energy.

Mr. Obama has had more cabinet changes than any president in our history. Like rats leaving a sinking ship it will continue. How about Attorney General Eric Holder bailing out? He made up for his lack of competency and leadership with a racially motivated agenda. But even he sees the writing on the wall and is afraid for his future in politics. I have said before, if we only really knew the true extent of President Obama’s trampling of the Constitution and extent of his actions against America. Good thing President Obama appointed those he owed favors to and people that had the same beliefs and agenda as him that he could trust.

Our powers to be won’t even close and secure our borders to prevent the spread of the plague or Ebola as they call it. Don’t believe all the medical poppycock they are trying to feed us. Not a severe threat. Very manageable and preventable on American soil. No need to restrict travel and create panic. Are you really serious?

Fact: The outbreak continues to grow in Africa with the help of American medical personnel and experts from around the world.

Fact: Although they tell you it can only be transmitted through bodily fluids several who have contracted the disease claim this just is not true and they contracted the disease while following all guide lines.

Fact: The spread of the disease continues to get away from them due to the lack of travel restrictions and is now a worldwide problem.

Not just our country but dozens of countries are dealing with possible patients and folks being quarantined. The American government continues to fail the American people. There should be no travel from Africa to the United States except for medical and military personnel needed in Africa. The people returning from Africa to America should be quarantined at an American military base or medical facility in that region for the 15 to 21 days, depending who you listen to.

No one should have been brought to our country for treatment. The treatment should have been taken to the infected party at a hospital in the region they were working in. There are too many factors beyond our control that could occur and result in the spread of the disease by transporting those known infected. Just think how many must be exposed transporting an individual to a facility on American soil.

If you travel for whatever reason to this part of the world YOU accept the risk and consequences. For the good of the citizens of the United States of America you should not be allowed to re-enter our Country until you’re quarantined and proven clean.

All flights should be stopped, all individuals trying to circumvent the system imprisoned off American shores. Paranoid – absolutely not. It is the simple use of common sense to prevent a global pandemic and a threat to American well being.

Back to our borders, we need to gain immediate control and suspend immigration and only allow travel for legitimate reasons. Don’t tell me how this will affect our economy, don’t tell me how this will affect foreign relations and diplomacy. The only thing that matters right now is our national security. From our President down, there needs to be more leadership decisions made to protect us.

We are at war against at least one disease that has no boundaries; we are at war against ISIS an enemy that has no borders and no conscience. Until we gain control of these issues drastic actions need to be taken.

Use the proper agencies plus the National Guard at our borders, airports and ports of entry. Forget about political correctness and political poles and lock down America before it’s too late.

As far as Syria and ISIS we have two choices. Wait for the war to reach American soil, or fight the war in Syria and Iraq.

We are not feared or respected enough at the current time for a coalition relying on only airstrikes alone to solve this problem. There is no choice but to have boots on the ground and to engage ISIS in Iraq and Syria. I don’t want this; I don’t want to lose more American service personnel in that hell hole over there. But we simply have no choice.

We need to unite and show the world what the United States of America is all about. We need to show the world no matter who our President is, “We the People” will rise up and pressure those voted in to do what is necessary to guarantee our freedom and way of life will not be compromised. We need to have the intestinal fortitude to eliminate the evil of ISIS and declare war on Syria if they continue supporting ISIS, truth be told they are one in the same.

God Bless America and help our leaders have the wisdom needed at this most crucial time in history.

Jim Webb

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