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What an amazing time of year it is in our little corner of God’s green Earth. We are so very blessed to live where we do. Please take a break from all the negativity that can be found on the electronic device of your choosing. Please do not become one of those whose emotions are controlled by their smartphone as you miss all the good going on around you. Live your life for the good and try to do something each day to make someone else’s life better. There are way too many folks out there that just add to the daily tide of hatred and division, do not allow this to consume you. Allow the smile on your face, message that you share, and your actions for the good of humanity to clearly state who you are. We cannot fix all the problems As Seen on TV, but we can secure our personal future and help make the world a better place.

A tip of my Webb Weekly cap with the American Flag on the side to Steve Keener, his right-hand man Pat Wilson, and everybody at Little League Baseball that has made a World Series possible. To say it has been a challenge to get to the point where the words “play ball” echo thru Lamade Stadium may be the greatest understatement ever written. They have gone above and beyond, as has everyone across the country at all the regional sites, to make the 2021 Little League World Series possible.

At a time when we need to return to normality, 16 teams from the United States of America will get to compete at the site every little leaguer dreams about. There will be smiles; there will be tears; there will be great action on the field. There will be memories and friendships made that last a lifetime. Did I mention there will also be great pitching, home runs, and webgems happening in each and every game?

Let’s all embrace the 2021 Little League World Series for how fortunate we are to have it going on. Remember where we were last year and continue to move forward toward next year. In whatever way possible, let’s all welcome the world to Williamsport and provide the best hospitality possible. Believe me; the world will be watching and hoping a team from their neck of the woods is here in 2022.

A wish of congratulations, good luck, and great health to all the teams that have reached Little League Baseball’s field of dreams from all of us at Webb Weekly.

A local Little League Baseball did you know? Our Hepburn Lycoming/Montgomery team won their way to the State Tournament and lost to Upper Providence Little League. The team from Oaks, PA, is one of the Mid-Atlantic representatives here at the LLWS.

To be or not to be vaccinated, that is the question for many. This seems to be a very talked-about and hot issue locally.

Many individuals are very passionate about their views on this topic. Before I go any further, I have been vaccinated with the funky cold Moderna and, without a shadow of a doubt, believe it is the individual’s personal right and the decision whether to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

I was on the fence about getting vaccinated until my son Hunter, who plays football at the University of Connecticut, explained it was all but required before returning to campus. He decided for himself after we had a conversation and made a call to Dr. Bill Pagana. That being said, I would never expect my son to do something I wouldn’t do; therefore, we went together.

After receiving our first vaccine and returning home, my older son Jimmy and wife Michelle asked why we didn’t include them. I, of course, laughed and said, that is your personal decision, and I didn’t know you wanted to be. They then scheduled and went together the next week.

Hunter and I made it a father/son thing and got vaccinated together the 2nd time, then went for a bite to eat and drink. Neither of us had any reaction other than a sore arm. After Jimmy and Michelle got their 2nd vaccination, she did become ill for a couple of days.

The individual needs to evaluate their situation, beliefs and apply some common sense to make their own decision. I will add if they do travel, especially by plane, or are around health compromised people; this must be factored in.

I am glad my family is vaccinated, and looking back, it was the right thing to do. Jimmy flies and travels for his job, and Michelle works and comes in contact with a lot of people. It does provide some peace of mind and erases any question for me personally about putting a mask back on. All that being said, I would never want to influence this decision for anyone. Nor would I ever have animosity towards someone based upon their decision about getting or not getting vaccinated. The why I think this way is pretty simple. First again, it’s a matter of personal freedom; it is your decision. Next, who would ever want to influence someone not to get this shot and they get COVID and something bad happens or influence someone to get the shot and something bad happens?

The best advice possible is to consult with a physician. Remember, before Hunter, and I signed up, I called Dr. Bill. He answered all my questions and said to get vaccinated. I hope in the world of today you have a doctor you can trust.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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