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Thirty-One Words to Live By

Congratulations and tip of my Webb Weekly cap to manager Cory Goodman and his South Side Major softballing East Regional Champions! (See Jamie Spencer’s column page 46.) The team is currently in Portland, Ore. competing in the Major Softball Little League World Series. This is the age equivalent to the Little League Baseball World Series held right here in South Williamsport. What a tremendous accomplishment by the team.

We will be featuring the young ladies on the cover and within next week’s pages. Good luck and safe travels to the team and their fans heading West. Go get ‘em girls! Bring back the gold! Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

If you are currently being discriminated against for any reason, I want to know about it. If you are being bullied for who you are, please reach out to me. If you feel your Constitutional rights are being infringed upon, in any way, shape or form, please contact me. My phone number is 570-337-0755, and email are always available on page 4 of Webb Weekly.

I believe in the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America that I was taught at Central Elementary School in South Williamsport. In grade school, I may not have understood the true meaning of these words, but I did know to stand straight, put my right hand on my heart, face the American Flag and show respect. The older I get, the more understanding I have for that simple paragraph honoring our great Nation.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

If every American citizen or individual living within our borders honored, lived by and defended those 31 words, our Nation would be much more united. I hope in our schools today we are not only teaching the Pledge of Allegiance, but also the true meaning of the words being recited. As one journeys through life, the message should become clearer with each passing year.

Do I think those words have applied to everyone during the history of our great Nation? Absolutely not. Do I think our Country is the greatest example of the evolution of democracy and correcting past mistakes? Absolutely. There has never been a nation on Earth that has been a work in progress for freedom that has attempted to make amends for any injustice of the past like the United States of America.

What I am most concerned about is continuing the never-ending process of making our Nation the beacon of the words stated in our Pledge of Allegiance. If we all do this, we will pass a better America down to the generations to come.

This is why I want to know if your pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness is being stepped on in any manner. If so, I will stand with you in support. I do not want anyone’s vision of the American dream to be deterred — as long as it aligns with our Pledge of Allegiance and Constitution.

I’m tired of seeing elected officials in Washington reach into a deck of cards and pull out the race card, the hate card, the jealous of fellow Americans card, and especially the freedom of religion card, which seems to empower all except those who believe in the Judeo-Christian values that our Country was founded upon.

I could probably come up with a whole deck of political power play cards. These cards are used to create division amongst fellow Americans each and every day and gain political favor with potential voters.

This deck is the foundation of the beyond liberal socialistic movement that is using the Democratic Party as a facade. I am a firm believer that most Democrats do not understand or believe in where this element is taking them. I believe that the media is doing our Country a complete injustice by not showing the far extreme left as the threat against democracy they really are. They give these individuals way too much airtime, but never dig into who they actually are and what they spew.

The Democratic Party is intended to be a proud party of the everyday hardworking people of America. Not a party looking for free, free, free or to educate millennials to ask not what they can do for their Country but what their Country can do for them. But what really scares me is where the media is going in supporting some of these people that have infiltrated our government.

I forgot to mention the free, free, free card in that deck of 52. Or the frighten the elderly card. That’s the one played threatening senior Americans Social Security and health benefits. Who knows, I might be able to come up with a deck of more than 52.

I could probably make it much easier on myself and just ask Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer or Bernie Sanders for them. Heck those three were there when this deck was first created; they’ve made a living at the trough of American taxpayers selling these cards.

These are not the people I am worried about, however. It is this new generation of freshmen Congresspersons that CNN, MSNBC and all these liars of mainstream media want to be the face of the Democratic Party that should be feared. Oh, by the way, former VP Joe Biden is way out ahead of all the democratic candidates for president in every poll. You remember the debate; all raised their hand proclaiming every illegal alien should have better health insurance than our veterans.

Where does this or the beliefs of those referred to as “The Gang” align with those precious “31 Words”? I’ll have much more on this next week.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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