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Cliff Notes Required

Well I hope to shed some light on our recent government shutdown and provide you information on the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare”, so you can decide if this program is good, bad or ugly. Is all this partisan politics and government turmoil necessary? Is this complex piece of legislation going to drastically change healthcare in our country?

So I began my research. I didn’t want to mislead anyone; I wanted a non-partisan view. Just the facts ma’am. The best way to do this is by reading the actual proposal. Well good luck with that. Our great leaders in Washington have been accused of not reading the bill. Nancy Pelosi admitted to this. Just push it through at the last minute, figure out what is really inside later. Then it was to take a year to implement the program, you know, so everyone can figure things out.
I now know why. I would have over 10,000 pages of reading to do to provide an educated article. Nope, not a mistake, over ten thousand pages of B.S. 2,700 in the original bill and 10,535 in the regulations of said bill.

Ok, I’ll have my right-hand person, Steph Nordstrom – our editor, get me the breakdown of our healthcare plan. Anyone who knows me is already laughing hysterically at the idea of me reading 10,000 pages.

Steph found an overwhelming amount of data, all with a slant to the right or left depending on what political party you prefer. I just want the facts; I want the reader to be the judge.

It’s not going to happen in true “Inside the Beltway” fashion. They created a monster of poppycock that no one really understands. I guarantee the vast majority of congress has not read more than 10 pages nor do they completely understand.

My dad always told me, “Son, if someone’s trying to baffle with you with bull…, don’t buy what they are selling.” This is the perfect example of his teaching.

Again our federal government is failing us. If this is so important that is deems a government shut down because our elected officials can’t get their heads together, then how about providing a simple Cliff Note version for the American people to read and understand. Make it available online at, or for folks to purchase at Otto’s for $4.95. This was how I approached those long novels in school. Thanks again to Betsy at Otto’s!

We need facts and information on what Obamacare is and what the cost and effect for our healthcare and healthcare industry will be. This would also allow the media to be educated on facts, not partisan politics and hopefully present this issue in a non-partisan manner.

The day has come in American history where the (R) and (D) behind elected officials names need to become (U), as in (U)nited Sates of America. If you really think one side or the other is to blame, not only for the government shut down, but also for the dire straights our country is in, take off your partisan colored glasses. Partisan politics are dividing and weakening our great nation. If our elected officials in Washington really want to do their job – serving and protecting the American people – begin with putting term limits on the next ballot, along with Obamacare, after, of course, you release the Cliff Notes version and we are all educated. Let the tax paying American citizens decide at the polls. Then you Mr. or Mrs. Congressperson can cast your vote truly knowing what America wants.

What are you afraid of in D.C.? That you might lose that cushy gig that can last a lifetime? That you may have to give up that $1.3-1.9 million dollar per year expense account for staff, travel, etc.?

You have all heard that there is no I in team, last time I looked there is no (R) or (D) either.

God Bless America.

Coach O’Malley

Most of you know the Tom O’Malley story. Local Montoursville boy makes good. Drafted by the San Francisco Giants out of high school, first game up to the major league plate – homers at Shea Stadium. Plays nine years in the majors, goes over to Japan for the remainder of his career and becomes to the Japanese fans what Ichiro is to America.

Well in recent months Tom has been seen coaching the Loyalsock varsity and middle school softball teams. He also spends much time working with many young players on the “art of hitting”. My sons are proud to call Mr. O’Malley their hitting coach. He does a great job, no matter whether it is baseball or softball.

His quiet and calm demeanor, sense of humor, knowledge and love of the game makes me look forward to listening to all he has to say. His emphasis on a hitter’s mental approach at the plate is outstanding. He brings his major league knowledge down to the age level of whomever he is teaching. My wife Michelle doesn’t know a fastball from a…I better stop there before I get myself in trouble. What she does know is people. She often tells me that Tom is one of the kindest, most genuinely nice guys you will ever meet, and that his patience and understanding while working with the kids is amazing.

Now for what has a lot of people riled up. How can Penn State, who wants to make a commitment to improve their baseball program and image, not even give Tom an interview for their open head coach position? He put in for the position and had many supporters. Some of who were prominent Nittany Lion alumni. He knows the homegrown talent throughout Pennsylvania and how they are exiting for warmer climates. He would have been a great choice to keep the PA boys playing at home in Mendler Field and build a program. It didn’t happen. Water under the bridge now. What upsets me is the lack of an interview. They hired a gentleman from outside of the state and never even gave a more than qualified candidate who resides 45 minutes away, a call back. Makes you wonder and question their interview process. Enough said on that.

Tom, tip of the cap to you. You’re a good man and the baseball and softball folks are glad you’re right here in Lycoming County. Just one more thing. Give me the heads up when you are going to be on the radio with Gary Chrisman and Bobbi With an I. Michelle and I laughed all the way to work during your recent morning show visit.

Jim Webb

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