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Broad Stripes and Bright Stars

Before I get started this week, let’s all stand to honor America with the playing of our National Anthem. If you have a problem with this, please don’t read any further. I don’t understand how this could have ever become controversial.

The playing of our National Anthem is a celebration of freedom and a time to honor the sacrifice of all that have served our Country. Past, present, and those preparing for the future. Many made the ultimate sacrifice to secure and maintain our liberty. The United States Military has been, and always will be comprised of individuals representing different ancestries, races, religions, and genders.

While we stand for the National Anthem, we pay our respect to the Flag of the United States of America. Which should always occur any time the Flag passes in front of you. American citizens should stand and put their right hand over their heart. Those that have served or are serving our Nation should stand at attention and salute.

We pay tribute to the American Flag in honor of our great Nation and the freedom we are so very blessed with. We pay tribute to the American Flag again for the United States military, especially those that paid with their future. We pay tribute to the American Flag to celebrate “Unity.” We pay tribute to the American Flag because it represents justice, not injustice, and our great Nation’s ability to always be moving forward toward Justice for All. We pay tribute to the American Flag to set an example for our children and future generations. Hopefully, we teach them the history that is represented by the Stars and Stripes.

There is a star and always has been for every state that makes up our United States. A nation comprised from the very beginning of people from every possible walk of life on God’s green Earth.

The playing of our National Anthem and the honoring of our American Flag is a time for the unification of all Americans. It is not a time for protest or putting one’s individual beliefs ahead of what every stitch in that Flag represents. It’s a time to give thanks, reflect, and think about the freedom we are all so very blessed with each and every day. This includes one’s constitutional rights.

We have one National Anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner, which represents all Americans. We have one Flag of the United States of America. It has changed as our Nation changed. Every American needs to know the history represented by the Flag. Whether it is right, wrong, or indifferent. Old Glory has seen every battle, whether it’s here at home over civil rights, after 9/11, or around the world representing the United States Armed Forces.

Our Nation must always remember, learn from, understand, and celebrate American history that is in the name of good. We cannot allow the destruction of what made our Nation who we are today. By doing so, you lose the perspective of how we got here, making our Country more vulnerable to repeat mistakes from the past. You cannot rewrite or delete history, although many are trying. One thing’s for sure; our educational structure is doing a very poor job of teaching American history to young Americans.

Historical hindsight can always be viewed through 20-20 glasses by those who want to divide or criticize America. What was normal, good, bad, or even ugly 200 years ago must be understood, not only with the historical perspective of that time, but also with what was occurring around the world and led up to that time period.

You cannot hold a statue, a Flag, or the beliefs of our forefathers accountable for their actions today, any more than you can bring them back from the dead to be put on trial. You cannot hold American citizens of today accountable for the sins of the past. This idea that America should have been a completely utopian society from its founding and is possible at any time or reality is completely absurd.

It is beyond hypocritical that Americans elected to uphold everyone’s constitutional rights are allowing domestic terrorism, rioting, looting, arson, murder, and rape in the name of any interpretation of history or racism. How will this change anything for the betterment of the United States of America today? How are these so-called leaders going to be remembered? How will history view this current attack on our Nation from within?

You cannot legislate morality, ethics, or one’s conscience. There will always be racism. There are racists from every race, religion, and culture. The percentage from each is probably the same. People are either working for good or evil. Most alarming to me, is the hypocrisy of taking away one’s freedom of speech through the accusation of racism. That if you’re silent and don’t advocate 100% for the beliefs of any cause, this makes you racist and part of the problem.

As I stated in the past, I will stand with any person who feels their constitutional rights have been infringed upon, have been discriminated against or worse, for whatever reason. I do this in confidence and provide the right help if your situation is justified. The important thing at this most difficult time in American History is to stand together United and not divided by deception, the self-serving, and those jealous who wish our Nation ill will or worse.

More Guns and Roses

Thank you to Mr. Adam Kordes and his great staff of instructors at National Range and Armory. They have gone above and beyond to provide the best training available in our latest empowering women through the 2nd amendment effort. It has been great to hear all positive feedback from so many. I am amazed out of the 110 that have received training that 23 have been 65 years young or older!

So, here you go. If you missed your shot the first go round, we’re teaming up to train another 100 ladies on the safe handling and use of a firearm. The same offer applies. I will cover half the cost of your class; if you’ve hit 65, it’s my dime and your time.

Call National Range and Armory at 570-601-4101 on or go to their Facebook page to get registered.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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