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2019…The Future is Now

Happy New Year! I just can’t even fathom that it is the year 2019. Where have the 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s gone? Not to mention, we’re working our way towards 2020. If you are around my age or older, tell me that doesn’t sound like a science fiction movie? One thing is for sure; no truer words have ever been spoken than, as you get older the years go by faster. A “Star Trek” reference to warp speed seems to sum it all up.

Now that the holidays are in the rearview mirror, it’s time to put everything away and return to a normal routine. There’s so much going on from our home here in Penn’s Woods to Pennsylvania Avenue, and beyond, I just can’t wait to get after it. And believe me, there’s a lot of people and topics that need getting after.

So we’ll start right here in our own backyard and work our way out. It will be an election year for the office of Mayor in the City of Williamsport. A vote the residents of Williamsport voted to keep in their back pocket, rather than to listen to the noise that they would be better served to allow City Council to take care of this. Believe me; I will remind you who was behind this as we get closer to election time in November. They just happen to be up for reelection by the citizens of Williamsport.

Tip of my Webb Weekly cap to the voters of the City of Williamsport. The office of Mayor is still a respected, important, and most sought-after position. This only makes for a stronger City.

There will be more candidates vying for the job than ever in the past. Mr. Eric Beiter was the first to announce his candidacy for office. His energy, enthusiasm, and love of the City are obvious. I’m glad to see a young local business leader taking his shot.

Next up was City Councilman Don Noviello throwing his hat in the ring. Mr. Noviello made it clear he is a big believer in the strong-mayor system, and then proved it by being the first city council person to officially announce their intention. Believe me; he will not be the last.

Councilman Derek Slaughter is taking a good hard look at whether it’s his time to put his name on the ballot. Another outstanding young candidate, he must decide if his time is now or in the future.

Mayor Gabriel Campana has not yet announced his intentions. But if he chooses to call it a day, he will be a tough act to follow. One thing is for sure — there will be a strong field running in November. This for an office certain people wanted you to believe is insignificant.

Moving on up to county government, Commissioners Tony Mussare, Jack McKernan and Rick Mirabito have done a great job trying to juggle the budget and avoid a tax increase. Please remember they inherited the problem of White Deer Golf Course, which is a very sore subject when I talk to folks around the county. The budget crisis is a problem at every level of government; they have been able to literally pull a rabbit out of their hat so far. As far as White Deer is concerned, it is definitely an asset to our community, but not an asset our community wants to pay for with tax dollars. I think the time has come that White Deer must be owned and operated by someone from the private sector. Again, our current county commissioners got stuck with this problem, and it shouldn’t be their issue to deal with in the world we live in today. The less government involvement in anything the better, this is a perfect example.

So that gets us to the office of governor. Every time I want to give the man the benefit of the doubt he just proves to me he’s Governor Tom Wolf in sheep’s clothing. Talking about using poppycock and camouflage in an attempt to cover up his far-left liberal agenda. He fits right in with the leadership of the State of California.

His latest effort to again change the voting districts in the Keystone State should concern both Republicans and Democrats. It is just a complete power grab to take away our small-town-say in Harrisburg. To explain it simply, imagine getting rid of state borders on a national level, so there was no more electoral college. Thus, the president would be elected by popular vote, instead of each state having their say. That’s what Governor Wolf and his cronies want to do for you.

That gets us to our federal government and what’s going on inside the Beltway. The hot topic of the day — government shutdown. To build a wall or not build a wall — that is the question. President Donald Trump was elected by the American people to protect our homeland and secure our borders. He is not going to back down nor should he.

We must all understand there are people out there that want to end our way of life. It may be through a terrorist attack, drug infusion, or simply changing America to what they want, instead of assimilating to our culture. No one is being turned away from immigrating to our great Nation when done legally. The illegal immigrants of today want no consequences, or they want our laws changed before they even enter our Country. The most ridiculous thing is this is supported by the far-left liberal fringe that call themselves fellow Americans. Folks, I don’t know if the wall is the final answer, but something must be done.

As far as this government shutdown bullreaucracy, I can solve that in a New York minute. Don’t penalize the working class people within the federal government. The first people that don’t get paid should be those elected to Washington — and this includes every benefit they receive. Their staff gets paid but doesn’t go to work. This includes the Secret Service that protects them. No more car and driver, let them find their own transportation. To heck with an expense account, let them pay for their own meals. Not even anyone provided by tax dollars to say God bless you when they sneeze. We’d never have to hear this complete crapola about a government shutdown again.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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