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Ballots, Watts Up, and Honors Earned

Ballots, Watts Up, and Honors Earned

I couldn’t believe that a former president, and I’m talking Donald Trump, not Barack Obama, endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz for a senatorial spot here in the great state of Pennsylvania. I’d really like to know the behind-the-scenes truth about that one. But hey, if he’s your man, get out and cast your vote. That is the most important thing, as the May Primary season will have come and gone by the time you receive your next Webb Weekly.

If you remember, I caught up with Lycoming County Director of Elections Forrest Lehman a couple of weeks back. Here is a quick review and reminder to get out and vote on Tuesday, May 17th, between the hours of 7:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. Forrest informed me all the polling places are at the same locations as this past November’s election. If you are still holding your mail-in ballot, it must be received on election night by 8:00 p.m. So, at this point, the best way to make sure it arrives on time is probably to drop it off.

We have many outstanding candidates trying to win their way onto the November ticket and some whose fate will be determined by the May 17th results in what is officially titled as Pennsylvania’s 2022 General Primary Election.

Please remember there are emergency or absentee ballots available, depending on your personal situation. Director of Elections Lehman and his staff do a fantastic job making sure your vote counts. If you have any questions, please call 570-327-2267 or go to You can also find live updates of the races at this site on election night.

Next up, I’m going to hold most of my comments about PPL Electric announcing a 30% rate increase effective June 1st until I gather more information. After coming down off the ceiling and still muttering some choice words about PPL, my spider senses told me there has to be more to the story and what the actual cost would equate to for all PPL customers. I mean, we’re not only talking about just residential, we’re talking about everybody that has to throw the switch and turn on the lights. Businesses, schools, hospitals, you name it. This will drive the price of everything purchased to go up, not to mention taxes.

Talking about another dagger right in the heart of the American wallet and overall economy. This can potentially make what we’re paying at the gas pump yesterday’s news. Although I guarantee the price of gas will be raised due to this.

Before I leave this topic, one last thought. Where is the outrage over this from our elected and appointed officials in Harrisburg and Washington? Again, that is why I need to do some more homework on this; something just isn’t adding up.

Moving right along, congrats and a tip of my Webb Weekly cap with the American Flag on the side to Mr. Hal Spooner for his medallion being added to the City of Williamsport’s Sports Walk. Hal was formally inducted at the 2020 Williamsport Crosscutter’s Hot Stove Banquet, but his medallion of fame and accomplishment unveiling was delayed due to the pandemic.

Hal was a 3-sport athlete at Williamsport High School, playing football, basketball, and track. He also participated in baseball at the time. He went on to the US Naval Academy and was again a 3-sport college athlete, playing football, basketball, and baseball.

As Navy’s quarterback in 1960, he was the MVP of the Navy-Air Force game as he led the Midshipmen to an impressive 35 to 3 victory. Hal quarterbacked the team to a 9-1 regular-season record and an Orange Bowl appearance. For his efforts, he was named an All-East selection as well as honorable mention All-American. He is a member of the West Branch Sports Hall of Fame and the Pennsylvania State Sports Hall of Fame.

Did I mention Hal was also a quarterback coach for the Midshipmen, where he helped to groom future Navy and Dallas Cowboy star Roger Staubach?

What a great selection by the Lycoming County Sports Walk committee, which is made up of Gabe Sinicropi, Ken Sawyer, Babe Mayer, Gary Chrisman, and Brett Kelly. In talking with Gabe, the committee will have a 2023 selection and is already working on the future of the event.

In closing things out this week, a tip of the Webb Weekly Live cap with the American Flag on the side to PIAA basketball players of the year, Saraj Ali of Loyalsock and Davion Hill of St. John Neumann Regional Academy.

Saraj, a senior for the Lancers, earned the honor at the Triple-A level, averaging 21 points, 13 rebounds, and 6.5 assists this season, which was quite a follow-up season to his career efforts and last year’s state title run. Saraj’s overall game and his ability to make it look easy improved every season.

Davion, a junior, averaged 26.1 Points, 7.9 rebounds, and 3.8 assists per game as the Neumann Knights reached the Class A State final. The amazing athlete just has the knack for taking the game over at crunch time. And what an amazing guard combination fellow All-Stater and teammate senior Hanif Clay provided the Knights. They were just flat-out fun to watch.

Anytime you’re still talking basketball in May, the local kids had a great year.

My words are up for this week. Get out and about and enjoy all our area has to offer, and don’t forget to turn the lights off.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb