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A World Threat for Peace

How would you like to be President? Where do you start? What is most pressing? From Homeland Security to National and World defense. From healthcare to the debacle that has become Social Security? Let us not forget Mother Nature and climate change, global warming or just a violent weather pattern created by who knows what?

To me it’s always a simple answer — our Nation must have the best-trained and prepared military. Our intelligence agencies and networking of Homeland Security at all levels must be top shelf and the best in the world. Without National and Global Security for all our interests worldwide, nothing else really matters. The protection and dedication to do whatever is necessary to keep freedom and our way of life from becoming a chapter in history.

As I look at what is transpiring in Washington, I don’t know if Republicans or Democrats really understand the urgency necessary to protect our American dream. Let’s stop playing the blame game and continuation of Washington gridlock that only benefits those inside the beltway. It’s almost like both parties have conceded — we don’t have the answers so let’s play the game that keeps us all afloat — Conservative vs. Liberal, Republican vs. Democrat. Just act like you really care about “We the People” and defend party beliefs. Gridlock is better than making tough decisions that may lose us this golden goose that is called working for the American people on their dime.

So what is most pressing to our National security? In my mind right now it’s North Korea. Obviously, you have a leader in Kim Jong Un that wants to create a dynasty and legacy all his own. He has proven to have little value for life — even when it’s his own family. He cannot, and will not, be controlled by sanctions or diplomacy. He is hell-bent on having transcontinental nuclear capabilities. But more frightening is that he seems to be on a mission to use them. He hates the United States of America and what we stand for.

It’s comical to me that the media and national leaders criticize him for test firing missiles into active airspace. Do you really think he cares if he would take down a commercial airliner or whose airspace he was violating?! He is a loose cannon — simply put, the greatest threat to world peace at this time.

Again, President Trump needs to stop tweeting, put down the cell phone and don’t get in a pissing contest with a skunk. Come to the realization you’re not going to threaten or bully Kim Jong Un to see it your way. So other than a preemptive strike on North Korea you have but one option.

You must build, and I hate to even use the words, a coalition of nations of power. China, Russia, Japan, India, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Egypt, and Turkey who is the most powerful Muslim country in the world.

The world economy of today is under enough stress — let alone if North Korea lobs a missile into neighboring South Korea. It would take complete diplomacy on the side of World Peace, and the big egos would have to be checked at the door. This is a great concern to me with how President Trump has approached relationships at home and abroad. However, I have no doubt he has the capabilities of getting the “deal done” like needs to occur.

I know what many of you are thinking — no way! Never going to happen. Then what’s the alternative?

Yes, we have issues with Russia that the media wants to make incendiary every day to attack President Trump. However, Vladimir Putin is a strong leader and he understands the world economy and what it means to his people and his legacy. I strongly believe President Trump and President Putin could work together for the good of each other.

The other big player is China, they have several powerful leaders — most important is President Xi Jinping. China is North Korea’s biggest trade partner. This provides the most chance of leverage against Kim Jong Un’s regime. Again, it’s hard to reason with someone who is unreasonable. China does condemn North Korea’s nuclear development, for obvious reasons, and needs stability in the region for their economy. I’ve got to believe if you get China on board with Russia and the United States the other nations would fall in place behind their allies. I will say Turkey is a stretch; President Trump will need to be on his A Game. Turkey does usually align with the U.S. and has ties with Egypt, who Russia and Vladimir Putin will have to win over.

Imagine the future possibilities if an alliance could be forged in the name of preventing a rogue nation like North Korea from launching a nuclear attack?
And no, I haven’t forgotten about ISIS. I also understand the constant threat Russia and China are to life as we know it. Remember — keep your friends close, your enemies closer. However, at this point of time in world history there may be an opportunity not only to address North Korea and ISIS but other world terror organizations if the major players can come together. The global economy is a great bargaining chip.

The United States cannot continue to operate as the world’s policemen. It’s a much different world today and the stakes are at an all-time high. Besides, the pay is terrible!

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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