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The 100 Day Dash

So much has been talked about and made up about what is going to occur as President Donald Trump begins his ‘Contract with the American Voter.’ If you remember, Mr. Trump was in Gettysburg this past October when he released a plan for his first 100 days in office.

It was his action plan for “Making America Great Again”, but most importantly to win election of the office of President. At the time his numbers weren’t looking like he would be the 45th President, Hillary Clinton appeared a shoe in. So I thought a realistic look at what to expect and where President Trump will begin would be a good idea, especially since you never know who or what to believe.

No president in American history has faced the scrutiny President Trump will endure over his first 100 days. To say he needs to get off to a great start and make an immediate impact is an understatement. Not only is it necessary for ‘We the People’ and to gain and build trust across a divided America, it may be most important in rebuilding respect for the office of President and how the world views not only Mr. Trump, but his leadership team.

I don’t want to spend time on going over then Presidential candidate Trump’s Gettysburg address or all the mainstream media wants us to believe. The following is only my take on what to expect in listening to President Trump and throwing in a little common sense.

Expect immediate action on the Affordable Healthcare Act—Obamacare. It is broken; it doesn’t work and will break the healthcare bank. Don’t expect him to repeal the Act as has been stated. Expect an immediate plan to address the most alarming deficiencies and come up with a long-term overhaul.

There will be no 100-day plan of a wall from sea to shining sea; there will be instant action and effort on border security. Mr. Trump stated, “My country, we will get from my first day in office on very secure borders.” He will hold true to this—it’s a no doubter.

He has also said the Trans-Pacific Partnership is, “a potential disaster for our country”. Our Nation’s trade policies will be instantly under the microscope and an immediate plan will be laid out to address this issue. This is a great place to let our Country know and the world to understand there is a new leadership for economy and business in our Country—as in keeping it here.

Energy and infrastructure will also be at the top of the hit list. Both places where Mr. Trump can score immediate points and gain respect. Look for big benefits for the gas and coal industries. Look for energy self sufficiency to be an important issue again.

There is no doubt President Trump will stand behind the military, Homeland security, and our Nation’s law enforcement. National security will be a focal point. How things go at home and abroad will be dictated by President Trump’s initial policy and acceptance. Our 45th President’s greatest challenge will be in foreign diplomacy, I don’t need to list the problems and threats around the world, we are all quite aware. How he approaches Russia, ISIS and Asia will have an early effect on how he will be respected and future decision-making. Look for an immediate olive branch with Israel and restoring that relationship to where it once was.

There are more issues to cover than I have space for, most importantly will be how Mr. Trump is able to unite and lead those inside the Beltway. This is an example the American people must see, both parties working together for the good of the people.

God Bless America.

Everyday Player

I would love when my Dad would call me in the early hours of the morning, “Son, would you like to meet me at Fox’s for a bite for breakfast?” I never turned down many of those offers.

Fox’s was one of those great family owned eateries that every town should have. Jack and Mary Fox opened the restaurant in 1956. It was family run and operated until it closed a couple years back. Like the story that goes along with so many family owned and proud outstanding eateries everyone was getting older and that business in particular takes a toll on folks over the years. I’m sure you can think of a favorite place out that has probably fallen into that same scenario.

One of the friendliest and hard-working individuals I have ever met is Tim Fox. He along with his brother and sister ran the restaurant for the last 10 years or so. I always admired his hands on approach. He would do whatever he needed to, which is most important in any family owned business. He loved cooking and the back end of the business, but was just as comfortable greeting his patrons with his smile. He worked at the business from the time he was a teenager.

That’s how Tim approaches anything he does. Whatever needs done, let’s get it done together. He currently is the general manager at Valvoline Express on Washington Boulevard and takes care of people the same way he did at Fox’s.

Tim is also now a pastor at the Loyalsock Baptist Church. He has devoted much time to young folks spending 15 years as a youth minister at Lyco Valley Baptist and Grace Baptist churches. He was very active in youth sports—coaching Little League and elementary basketball in Muncy.

Tim is truly one of the good guys. An upstanding Christian man who leads by example. His wife Natalie and he have three children. Andrea who gave them their first grandchild, Nathan who is a youth pastor and Dawson who is serving in the US Marine Corps. He considers his family his greatest accomplishment and could not be any prouder.

Tip of the cap to you, Tim. Keep up the great work.

Jim Webb

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