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The Uncommon View of Commonsense

As I flipped through the channels the other night, catching up on the day’s events I stopped and watched about two minutes of Al Sharpton. I often watch Al to see what he’s spewing. It was the same old message, so on to Fox News I went. They had a gentleman cooking bacon by firing an automatic assault rifle. I bet that will win over the middle of the road gun control folks. And no thank you on the bacon.

Next channel up, Chris Matthews and Hardball. Guess what his show was about or at least the part I watched? Gun control and would it have prevented the police officers from being shot in Ferguson. Sure it would have Chris, I’m sure the thug that was the shooter legally obtained the firearm he used. If some form of gun control was enacted I’m sure he would hand it back to you, you may have to say please though.

That was about enough for me. I found an old episode of Law and Order and soon fell asleep in my chair, Buddy at my side, boy does he snore.

Who in today’s world is honest? Who is lying? Who is spinning the truth? What about the folks we voted into office? How is the guy cooking bacon while attacking a village of hostile groundhogs newsworthy?

A way to tell if an elected official is lying or skating the truth is the simple application of some good old fashion common sense. Take what is reported by today’s media with a grain of salt. It is a shame but the national news has become more about making the news and providing entertainment than just reporting the facts of the day. Every network is guilty of this.

We are not given credit for our knowledge and importance as taxpayers and voters. We need to be skeptical and think for ourselves. All these individuals work for us, all these individuals need to be held accountable by us. The best way to do this is using your common sense and showing up to vote.

A person running for or holding a political office can be judged by three important factors; Commitment- To God, Country and Family. Our nation was founded in his honor. We need to put God back in everything we do. Actions – Always speak louder than words. Accountability – Not only for the person holding or seeking office but for all Americans. No more excuses in the name of liberalism. You reap what you sow.

Now let’s use our collective commonsense and take a look at some issues.

Iran – pure evil. They have no problem if you are Muslim, Jewish or Christian in ending your existence.

You cannot and should never negotiate, trust or believe anything they say. They have been evil for thousands of years.

Forget about Mr. Obama’s legacy, forget about the letter from 47 members of the GOP, forget about John Kerry’s poppycock that Mr. Obama and him do not need congressional approval, because they are not implementing a treaty or official act only a plan of intention. What the heck does that mean anyway? There will be no peace today, tomorrow, or in the future with Iran. This is by their choice. You have but one option, military action. History has proven if you don’t make a parking lot out of Iran for whatever reason evil always returns to this geographical location.

Hillary Clinton – Driven by money and power. She has not answered for Benghazi, why would you expect her to provide incriminating emails? She is a master of manipulation and using the media. No one should ever be able to accept millions from foreign dignitaries, government officials and leaders in the name of a foundation. If they do they should not work within our government or hold an elected office.

Attorney General Eric Holder – He has proven if you undermine the very people that maintain peace, you will be faced with law-enforcement being a target of violence by the people. The perpetrators of this violence need law enforcement to protect themselves from each other.

Ferguson has been created over a criminal, Michael Brown, attacking a police officer. Before the incident could even be investigated Mr. Obama, Mr. Holder and Al Sharpton had determined Officer Darren Wilson was guilty. This led to the beginning of rioting and violence in Ferguson. At no time shortly after the incident did any of these individuals support Officer Wilson or even mention to allow due process to take its course for the sake of Officer Wilson.

After a thorough investigation Officer Wilson was exonerated by a Grand Jury. This was not good enough for Mr. Obama, Mr. Holder and Mr. Sharpton so Attorney General Holder had the Department of Justice tear apart the Ferguson Police Department and local government. Officer Wilson was again found justified in his actions. No apology or public explanation was given to Officer Wilson a decorated member of law enforcement. However, the DOJ got what they wanted claiming racism was alive and well in Ferguson.

Racism has no place anywhere in the 21st-century, especially in law-enforcement. This begins with the Department of Justice and our President. The first racist act that occurred in Ferguson was Officer Darren Wilson being publicly convicted prior to any investigation because he was white and Mr. Brown was black.

Mr. Holder, for the DOJ to conduct their investigation in the manner they did and then for you to wear the finding of racism like it was a badge of honor has done only one thing, created more hatred and violence. This has resulted in the shooting of two more police officers and the resignation of eight additional officers who have had enough. So tell me, Sir, what’s going to happen in Ferguson now? Peace?

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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