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All Lives Matter

I am tired of the racist, prejudicial and discriminatory views, actions and policy that go silently unchallenged each and every day in our great Nation. The politically correct muzzle and fear of the liberal response prevent our elected leaders and representatives from speaking up and challenging the absurd.

Meanwhile individuals that are no more than the squeaky wheel get the benefit of undeserved entitlements. In the 21st century of opportunity for all this must end for the good of the American people and our Nation to be united instead of divided.

I am insulted by the organization Black Lives Matter. Come on, really? All life is a precious gift from God and all lives matter. The name of this organization is racist. Can you just imagine if someone formed a group called White Lives Matter? This group through their purely racist views put more Black lives in danger by creating a Black against the world mob mentality. Their hatred of law-enforcement, government and the White American promote racial divide, not peace and unity.

I would stand united with anyone that was being prosecuted unjustly, being discriminated against or being persecuted from enjoying the rights and freedom we are all blessed with by the Constitution of our great Country.

Black Lives Matter’s focus is on lives lost at the hands of law-enforcement. If you take off the race colored glasses and look at the facts, some mistakes are made by law enforcement. However, unfortunate and heart wrenching mistakes occur every day at every job. And no matter how careful law-enforcement may be a bad apple may be hired and be racist.

There are acts of violence and racism committed every day, in every imaginable situation in our Country but to think it is only happening to Black Americans and no one else is absurd.

To think law-enforcement as a whole would target Black Americans because of color is absurd. To think that local government and local enforcement would conspire to keep down the Black Americans and harm them because of race is absurd.

Law enforcement in our Nation has a most difficult job. They are asked to maintain the peace and protect the innocent in neighborhoods where they get no cooperation and drugs and thugs rule the streets.

They protect not only the law abiding citizens but also the gangs and thugs from each other. How many American lives have been saved by the actions of law-enforcement in these troubled neighborhoods?

The undermining of law-enforcement in Baltimore, Ferguson and New York City by Mr. Obama, Attorney Generals Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, the mayors of the cities and the Al Sharpton types who spew racial hatred is inconceivable.

Support law-enforcement, investigate, and allow due process to take its course in a situation where an officer may have used unnecessary force. This should be done no matter the color of the individual that loses their life. Almost 100 percent of the time the split-second decision making of a law enforcement officer is justified and unfortunately is the tragic ending to a criminal’s life. A police officer never goes to work thinking – I’m going to take a life today.

What our President and all that have handcuffed law-enforcement have done is put peoples’ lives in danger. And by people I mean the innocent law-abiding citizens of these troubled areas and the folks wearing the blue uniforms.

In the cities of Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri crime is at an all-time high. In New York City crime has risen to one of the highest rates in the last 40 years.

The organization Black Lives Matter should put away the race card and focus on the real problem, the Black Americans committing the crimes. I won’t get into the numbers on drug trafficking, but this is the most common problem in Black American neighborhoods. Drugs, gangs and thuggery are usually the precursor to the following facts.

In the last 35 years over 324,000 Black Americans have been killed by Black Americans. Homicide is the number one cause of death for Black males between 15–34 years of age, 94% of these murders are committed by Black Americans.

Now for the facts that contradict what has recently divided our Nation. Per the Washington Post, 703 people have lost their lives to police in the line of duty this year. How many of those 703 individuals would still be alive if they obeyed law enforcement? Remember a police officer is making a split second decision that could cost him/herself or someone else their life. It is common sense to stop and obey a police officer.

Here are some numbers that show this race card being thrown at police is unjust. 343 were White Americans, 20 were unarmed, 182 were Black Americans, 26 were unarmed.
Year-to-date almost twice the number of White Americans have been killed while committing a crime than Black. 20 unarmed White folks have been shot and killed by police. I have not heard of the media, our President or any concerned citizen group questioning White folks being racially profiled. I have not heard of any social unrest or rioting in regard to the deaths of these 20 unarmed criminals. If I didn’t research the number, who would know?

One question that needs to be asked is why didn’t Mr. Obama or Attorney Generals Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch point out these numbers? Instead of discrediting law enforcement the truth and facts could have been used to avoid social unrest and rioting. The numbers from previous recent years are very similar to this year’s statistics.

All lives matter. All Americans matter. We need accountability for those that do not respect the laws of our Nation. The first step to change is honesty and identifying the problem. Black leaders need to hold Black Americans accountable for their actions.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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