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  • What the Ladies are Thinking0

    A few weeks back I mentioned my intention to interview and feature the thoughts from women across the West Branch Valley. The question I would be asking was with all that is currently going on across our nation and beyond, what worries them the most. I thought this would be a simple topic to cover;

  • Socialism – An Evil Veiled Deceptor0

    I wrote this column for the March 6, 2019, edition. This is prior to the DNC recognizing that Joe Biden was their best chance to win the Oval Office back. I understand there is a lot of water under the bridge since then and the world around us has gone mad in even more ways.

  • Look Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a ???0

    As more challenges to our freedom and way of life in America seem to occur daily, I thought the Chinese spy balloon and all the recent sightings of UFOs seen was a good place to start this week. As Americans have turned their eyes to the skies, UFOs being reported seems to be a daily

  • A Dynamic Diamond Duo

    A Dynamic Diamond Duo0

    Congratulations to Jim and Bonnie Winder on being voted into the National Babe Ruth Hall of Fame. What an absolutely great and deserving honor for the husband/wife team. Lou Hunsinger does a great job of covering the couple’s commitment and journey in providing youth baseball in the West End of Williamsport for over four decades.


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