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PA Proud and the Hall of Shame

A sincere thanks to everyone I spoke with, left kind messages, texted me and emailed me. Your support of my article “You’re Fired” last week was overwhelming. I did not write the article for this reason, but it’s always appreciated to hear kind words and that so many of you feel the same way and are fed up.

I did hear from a couple of folks that didn’t agree with my thoughts. I also appreciate your calls and opinions. That’s what makes the United States of America so special. Freedom!

That we can agree to disagree. The greatest document ever penned in the name of freedom and individual rights was the Constitution of the United States of America. We must keep this document as pure and unadulterated as our Forefathers intended.

If you want to discuss any issue or just flat out give me heck, my number always appears on page 4. I try to respond to every one, I’m sorry if you didn’t hear back from me last week, that was only because you and I were on the same page and again, I thank you.

Our Governor Tom Wolf was playing Dr. Phil at the National Governor’s Association gathering in Washington D.C. When asked the biggest economic challenge to our State the Governor responded, “The Biggest problem in Pennsylvania is low self esteem.”

Not our 2 billion dollar deficit, not all the infrastructure that needs repaired or replaced. A bunch of liberal verbal nonsense that he needs to address our psyche. When will the liberal leaders ever stop with the emotional string tugging and hold people accountable for their actions and address actual issues?

How in God’s green earth can Governor Tom Wolf evaluate you and I and claim “we have low self esteem,” that “we as a state are underachievers?” What a bunch of Wolf scat. I have covered every inch of our great state, especially our county, and this is just not true.

We are proud, we are concerned, hard working, God fearing, confident Pennsylvanians who love living in the Keystone State.

Our State government has failed us in many ways. We don’t care; we just keep working, living and loving from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh to Williamsport. Believe me I covered every square inch with Jimmy and Hunter playing baseball.

Mr. Wolf, the only worry we have is how you and our state elected officials have our home state ranked 10th and higher in almost every fiscal list you don’t want to be on. Number one state for tax on gas and diesel. We are always in the Terrible Top 10 of overburdened taxpayers in the country. “Middle income and working families get short changed by the Pennsylvania tax system, and wealthy Pennsylvanians reap major benefits.” That quote is from Sharon Ward, director of the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center. Business and corporate tax and regulation are placing us near the top in regards to one of the least friendly states to conduct business. Look how you want to drill the Marcellus Industry and how that’s paying off chasing them to other states.

Here is an idea, lower taxes on business, industry and the taxpayer. This will help create more jobs and maybe encourage new businesses to locate in Pennsylvania. More jobs, more revenue, more spending and more smiles. Self esteem rises!

Mayor Gabe Campana is a hard worker who faces more issues than most Mayors. Big City problems, small City budget. He loves the City he serves and his loyalty is to the taxpayer. I consider him a friend. If you read my writing you know how I feel about the job he does. Because I like Mayor Gabe doesn’t mean I would compromise my honesty or integrity on his behalf. I speak the truth directly to him before you read it in the Webb Weekly.

If I disagree with Mayor Gabe I tell him. If he makes a mistake, I let him know my thoughts. If he does something right, I let it go. Don’t want him to get a big head. If I thought there was a better leader for the city of Williamsport, I would let him know. I wouldn’t backstab, or lie to protect his political interest. I would look him in the eye and tell him.

That is not what City Council President Bill Hall has done. He, along with fellow council members, have put their interests, along with Mr. Hall’s political future ahead of the taxpayers and the City of Williamsport. He and his backroom politics undermine City Government.

This has gone on for a while, as have the allegations against Mr. Hall. I have spoken with people firsthand that have told me Mr. Hall’s problem goes much deeper than his infidelity, charges of sexual deviancy and use of political power to avoid answering for his actions.

I was shocked when he announced his intention to run for Mayor. Why would an individual with so much turmoil and so many problems want to soil the city and bring the unwanted attention of media coverage to our City Council President?

Watching his interview on WBRE it was obvious why, his arrogance and an inability to put anything ahead of self.

Mr. Hall, for you to state “the City deserves better” are you kidding me? “I can work with all kinds of people,” yes you can when your personal agenda is what they believe in.

This is the case of Councilmen Jonathan Williamson and Randall J. Allison and Councilwomen Liz Miele and Bonnie Katz. I cannot believe you folks and the backroom politics knowing full well of Mr. Hall’s skeletons. Your publicly supporting him and his running for mayor is shameful. How about doing the job you were elected for. If you wanted to support Mr. Hall do it closer to election time.

Mayor Campana may make mistakes, may be hardheaded, I know this personally trying to change his mind on issues like the hoops in Memorial Park. He is a good Christian and family man who loves Williamsport and has its best interest at heart.

I am not judging Mr. Hall or his City Council brown nosers. I do however feel they should reevaluate their service to the City of Williamsport along with their bids for election and reelection.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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