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So You Want to be President …

I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready for the Arctic air or the holiday shopping season. We enjoyed some beautiful Autumn weather; hopefully, Mother Nature is not giving us a preview of the winter ahead. Yes, I know I should be better prepared for the official kick-off to the holiday hustle and bustle that occurs next week. The first Christmas items appeared in stores about the time the kids went back to school. Every year it just seems to get earlier and earlier.

There is so much going on to discuss, where do I begin? The same issues seem to be out at the forefront of every national news broadcast no matter what channel you choose. Tax reform, healthcare reform, immigration reform, we all know the list of reforms everyone has been talking about since before the Presidential Election a year ago.

Then we have the securities — border security, Homeland security, National defense and security. Most Americans, no matter their political views, seem to be just plain tired of hearing about reform and security. We just want the slow turning wheels inside the Washington Beltway of bureaucracy to address the issues and do what’s best for the majority of the American people.

They should always begin with protecting our freedom and preserving our great Nation for future generations. To say it’s a scary world out there has never been more understated. I have no idea how we can even keep track of all the moving pieces. From North Korea, Russia, Iran and the hundreds of ISIS type terrorist organizations. National security must always be job one. Everything must begin and end with protecting our Country, the American people, and our homeland. That is easy to pen, but has become much more difficult in the world of today.

From President Trump, to every single person that represents the American people in Washington, this must be the number one priority! Without the blanket of freedom provided by our military folks around the world, we have nothing.

We must always try to keep the peace and peace of mind through diplomacy and world leadership. But we can never allow another nation or terrorist organization to hold an upper hand. It’s ironic that in order to keep the peace you must have the strongest and best-trained military in the world. Unfortunately, that’s the way peace and freedom have been created throughout history.

It was great to see and hear about all the events honoring our Veterans this past week. They truly are the keepers of peace and protectors of freedom. We all need to make sure our veterans are remembered every day, and that they are taken care of long after their service has ended.

Back to our national security on the world stage. How do you negotiate with North Korea, Iran, ISIS or the evil of the day? That’s a tough question for any President. And there may not be an answer. This is where it is most important that all political agendas are checked at the door. Do not get in a verbal exchange of insults with any world leader, especially the unstable ones. In my Father’s words, “Don’t get in a pissing contest with a skunk.”

Our elected officials must always make sure our One Nation under God is just that. We must never waiver from the side of good. I have often written that God needs to be put back in everything our Nation does. This is where our military force should never be used in a political manner or as an empty threat. “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” –President Theodore Roosevelt.

How would you like to carry all this on your shoulders when you lie down to go to sleep at night? That would make you the President of the United States. President Trump and all that came before him definitely have the world’s most difficult job. The world of today has just made it a tougher job. Everything you do is instantly covered and reported.

Sorry folks, we have not even made it to tax reform, healthcare, immigration, or the one nobody wants to talk about, national debt. What about education, infrastructure? And we must address the drug problem in our Country. And you say you want to be President?

At this point in American history, our elected officials must work for you and me like never before. Everything is instant news. Granted, sometimes it may not be reported the same way on two different channels or on the Internet. We must hold all accountable to make decisions for what’s best for our Nation. They must work together for solutions, not gridlock and politics as usual.

Our Nation’s future is dependent on democracy working like it was intended to. We all must come together and make sure that is what our government is doing. It also wouldn’t hurt if they picked up the pace a little bit.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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