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The First Pitch of Spring

Happy official Spring to everybody! Like me, most see March 1st on the calendar as the beginning of the season that moves us out of winter. Some may recognize it as the first pitch of Spring Training baseball, while for others, it may be Saint Patrick’s Day. I know one thing: the weather this past week was amazing. It was so good to feel that sunshine on your shoulders and enjoy 70° days.

It was also good to see so many kids and young people out and about enjoying the beginning of the Spring sports season. It warms my heart to see the local playing fields come back to life. I had my first two ballpark hot dogs as I attended a baseball scrimmage in Southside. My compliments to the chef; they were cooked perfectly. I must also comment that the South Williamsport High School field was in amazing shape. Thank you to those who got it ready.

What a great baseball, so softball, and soccer area the borough folks have developed just below what provides a perfect entrance — the Little League Baseball complex.

I hope, for the boys’ and girls’ sake, as the high school seasons get underway, that the beautiful weather I was talking about hangs in there. Unfortunately, baseball and softball never seem to go that way in our neck of Penn’s Woods. Let’s just cross our fingers that we’ve seen the last

Please get out and about and support all our local teams, no matter the age level. That doesn’t mean you have to suffer through a full game if the weather is cold or inclement, and this message is mostly for grandparents and sports fans in general. We know there will be warmer days ahead when you can stick around for the whole game and have one of those hot dogs I was talking about. Parents, you don’t have much of a choice — dress warmly.

The most important thing is for the young ball players to feel the warmth of your support. This especially holds true for our little leaguers just starting out. But please don’t kid yourself; even our older high schoolers love to see their family, the people they know, and a crowd in the stands.

Moving right along to another sure sign Spring has sprung, our Webb Weekly Spring Home Improvement Guide can be found within our pages. Thank you to the 110 businesses that trust us to promote whatever they do to make your living space feel like home space. We take great pride in this and providing you with a simple guide to find just what you’re looking for.

The pull-out section is great to keep around for when you’re planning a project or when that unexpected repair pops up. If you don’t want to keep a copy in your junk drawer or where you keep your reading material, it can always be found in our archived issues at If you misplace it and want a hard copy, you can always stop by our office and pick one up.

A quick note while we’re talking about home improvement and projects. The West Branch Susquehanna Builder’s Association Home Show is a little later than normal this year. It will be held April 26th through the 28th at a new location, the Liberty Arena in Williamsport. There is still limited booth space available for anyone interested. More information about the event can be found on page 36 of the Home Improvement Guide.

In keeping with our Webb Weekly Spring theme and what can be found within our pages, it is once again time for Editor Steph’s Annual Easter Hunt contest. Complete details can be found when you flip the page. This year, Steph is doing an Easter basket hunt, and I’ve especially liked having them on my page for the last two weeks.

The kids always seem to have a great time with whatever they’re hunting. Please make sure they don’t miss out. I never seem to get the count right, whether it’s Halloween or Easter. And believe me, I try. Good luck to all the kiddos counting.

In closing things out this week, it was great to hear from and talk to so many of you about my column last week. Be Awoken by Faith, Not Fear and Hatred. My contact information can always be found on page 4 if you would like to comment or have something you would like to share.

A special shout out to Mrs. Dora Pioli regarding this: it was great to hear my long-time friend’s voice and catch up with her. Dora also gave me some good advice, like only she could do. She has witnessed much during her 90 years and always stayed active within the Montoursville community. Dora, like most her age, has been through some difficult times. The woman has a remarkable faith she’s followed during her journey — something we all need to have and work on in the world of today.

Please get out and about and enjoy all Spring has to o  er, and please be positive while doing so.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb