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The Liberal Sword of Political Correctness and its Destroying of America

Political correctness has become the way to silence the majority in our Nation. Intended to prevent derogatory comments and remarks about color, race, religion, sexual orientation and whatever makes up an individual or group. It has been twisted into something far different.

The backbone of democracy is majority and governing our Country for “We the People” in the name of majority. Elected leaders are being muzzled by political correctness. Most news and media outlets push President Obama’s liberal agenda. People are afraid to speak the truth in fear of the repercussions of political correctness.

Political correctness has become the sword of the liberal left who are the true minority in our Country and I mean by the numbers not by race. Don’t want to be politically incorrect.

We all see color. Human nature. I believe in our Country today you are treated and respected for who you are. One’s actions speak louder than words.

I have only three requirements to extend an individual employment, you must be a United States citizen, you must be the most qualified person for the job and you must speak English. English is the language of the United States of America. If you can speak other languages, great, I wish I could. But you must speak our language, English! I believe this is the norm of small business owners.

White Americans make up over 64% of our population. Who would have known? We are not allowed to talk about “White” numbers. Not politically correct. We are being led to believe that Black and Hispanic Americans make up the majority of our Country. This is just not true.

President Obama you were elected to represent all of America not just Black America and especially those who are not even citizens. I understand that color does not equate to political views. I believe there are more Black, Hispanic and Asian conservative Americans then we can even imagine. They too are quieted by political correctness. We all need to find our voices real fast and speak out against the lies of the liberal and denounce their agenda of the few.

The leadership of our Country is undermining law-enforcement. This is endangering our homeland and the lives of the police who serve, protect and keep order. A criminal is a criminal no matter what their color. You should be able to state facts and statistics without worrying about political correctness.

President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, the Mayor of NYC, Bill de Blasio. Disgraceful on so many levels. Not even going to try to explain their views.
Stop the excuses, stop the lies, stop throwing law-enforcement under the bus. Here is what our leadership’s message should be if they love America, love all Americans and don’t have a liberal political agenda.

Remember these are my words, not theirs.

Law enforcement is the protector of peace, individual freedom and everyday life in America. With freedom comes responsibility. With freedom comes the choice of good or evil. Many Americans are choosing the latter.

No matter what your color you must respect law enforcement. They have a tremendously tough job and deserve this respect.

In almost all cases if the perpetrator of a crime respects law-enforcement, tragedy is avoided. This is true of Black, White and Hispanic lawbreakers. As far as Black America and your concerns, we will make sure there is no double standard or prejudice; we would do this no matter of the color of the concerned. Please remember law enforcement spends a great deal of time in your communities. This is not by choice but by response to maintain public safety. Allow them to do their job, help them to do their job. Cooperate with law enforcement to make your streets safer.

There are always cases of injustice within every profession. If this occurs allow your local leaders, state leaders and the chain of command to work for you. At the end of the day we all need to work together to make our communities safer and America safer. We must build trust. I am committed to this issue and will make sure all concerns are addressed.

Why isn’t this their message? It should be if President Obama really wants to unite America. Poll numbers, depending where you look, say almost 60% of Americans feel race relations are worse now than when President Obama took office.

You cannot undermine the very people who protect our Country. If you are not breaking the law and resisting arrest you have nothing to worry about. The President’s stance will continue to divide America by making this a race issue.

President Obama carrying out his liberal agenda is a threat to national security. He continues to undermine our military. Allowing Senator Diane Feinstein to release information about the CIA and what was done at Guantanamo Bay is treason. Releasing the Islamic terrorists from Guantanamo Bay is treason.

They are the worst of the worst! Supporters of Osama Bin Laden. The logistics planner of 9/11 and all of his evil followers and the planners of attacks on our embassies abroad. True evil that kill the innocent in the name of Jihad.

Tell a child that lost their father, or parent that lost a child, tell a wife whose husband never came home on September 11th because they were a passenger on one of the planes that the CIA overstepped their bounds and you released these doers of evil, Mr. President. Look them in the eye and tell them in person Ms. Feinstein. These people are beheading innocent Americans and videotaping it and you’re apologizing to them? Don’t apologize on my behalf, I don’t want them tortured, I want them eliminated.

How can you allow the release of the CIA secrets President Obama? This type of thing happens again and again. Where military information leaks out or is intentionally made known. We are at war. Where do you think the terrorists from GTMO are ending up? Back in the Jihad against America. You are truly an Islamic supporter. This can be the only answer for your actions.

What do you think is going to happen by releasing the information about the CIA and GTMO? You have created an even greater threat to America, our military personnel at home and abroad, and Americans living, working or traveling abroad. Absolutely unconscionable. What good do you think could come out of this for America? This only aids our enemies.

As President Obama continues to weaken our great Nation financially, militarily and by promoting social unrest “We the People” must force our leaders in Washington to forget about political correctness. They must take off the gloves and in the name of truth, justice and the preservation of America do what is necessary.
President Obama and his henchmen and women should be removed in handcuffs for treasonous acts against America.

I thank President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, the CIA and our service men and women for all you did at one of the darkest times in American history. You held down the fort, you protected the fort and you prevented additional terrorist attacks on our Nation. You did what was necessary to protect the United States of America.

God Bless America and in Jesus’s name protect the keepers of peace at home and abroad and give wisdom to those representing us to take action against the evil within.

Jim Webb

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