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Did you watch the debate? What candidate do you like? Who do you feel has the edge at this point?

These questions and topics are being talked about no matter where you go. It is great to see all the interest building for the 2016 Presidential run. My hope is all Americans realize the next election will be the most important in the history of our great Nation and get out and vote!

I do not want to go through the candidates and give you my thoughts on each, not yet anyway. I would like to discuss some issues and what to watch and listen for to know if those seeking nomination are straight up or full of poppycock.

Let’s begin with a simple issue, our Second Amendment rights. Any candidate that wants to blame guns for crime or the heinous taking of lives – disqualify them immediately!

The law-abiding citizens the Second Amendment is intended for are not the perpetrators of these violent acts. It is the criminal element of our Country. Any type of gun control will do nothing to control criminals. It will only make it tougher and more expensive for the overwhelming majority of Americans that follow the law and pay the taxes to obtain firearms and ammunition.

Chicago is three times smaller than New York City and has some of the toughest gun laws. The number of people murdered in the Windy City far exceeds the number shot down in the five boroughs of NYC.

Next up, Social Security and Medicare. This should not even be discussed by those seeking the Oval Office. Why? Because any candidate that wants to tell you that it can be fixed, overhauled or has some brainstorm to save them is flat out stupid or lying, or both. Both Democrats and Republicans have robbed the American people blind. Bernie Madoff looks like a saint compared to what those inside the Beltway have done for decades. If anyone in the private sector would do to their employees what both parties have done to working Americans, they would be incarcerated or found dead floating in the Potomac.

We need an entire new system to replace Social Security and Medicare. Where to get enough money to fund it, and how to grow the new plan is the problem.

Simply put, don’t count on Social Security or Medicare in the future, both are broke. The government provides these by just printing more money and putting us deeper and deeper into debt.

What about that $19 trillion debt and no one offering a solution? No one that has served in Washington will offer a realistic answer. That would require term limits, staff cuts and the retaking of government by the American people. No matter what they tell you, Republicans and Democrats get rich off the gridlock of the current system.

The Republicans tell you, give us your vote, we will battle Obama and his liberal agenda, including his national healthcare system. They get elected, get control of the House and Senate and haven’t done a darn thing in the last year.

Pitiful, either they are worthless and weak or they are getting rich at the expense of you and I.

Cut government, cut staffing, cut budgets and allowances. These criminals in Washington are living large while hard-working Americans struggle. They never go without.

Cut foreign aid, balance foreign trade, come up with a legitimate plan to first balance a budget, so we are not losing our collective ass-tronauts each year, then define a way to pay down our debt.

It will take centuries to get back to -0-. But you must start somewhere.

Any candidate that tells you anything different – disqualify!

I mentioned “foreign trade” let’s cover that issue. It flat out doesn’t work. No trade agreement is beneficial to the United States.

Trade agreements are beneficial for big business. Through the course of American history the largest American corporations have put pressure on our government through lobbyists, intimidation, political donations; you name it they’ve done it. Their goal is to gain access to foreign lands and move the production of their products.
Made in China, Haiti, Bangladesh companies replace American manufacturing. Why? The bottom line, the greed of larger profits and greater profit margin per item. The greed of corporate America has sold out our Country. Once one corporation did this their competitor had to follow to stay competitive on price points.

That’s got us to where we are today. You can’t even buy a baseball made in America. Since no American will work for $11 a week, there is very little MADE IN THE USA.

Disqualify any candidate that agrees with the Trans Pacific Partnership, our current foreign trade policy or any foreign trade that occurs with a nation that allows the enslaving of their citizens for pennies an hour by calling this employment.

How do we get America back to being a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of all goods from clothing to toys? Throw away everything both the Democrats and Republicans have done in the past 30 years or so.

I know what you’re thinking, it’s not possible. Anything is possible in our great Country with the right leadership and direction. The American people have had neither when it comes to protecting our Nation’s factories and manufacturing centers and most importantly American jobs.

We need to begin by cutting 90% of foreign aid and funding of foreign governments. When you’re $19 trillion in the hole this should have stopped a long time ago anyway.

Take the money that is going out of our Country and use it to fund the return of MADE IN AMERICA. The creation of new jobs, infusion of products made with American pride and revenue streamed into our coffers via sales and tax revenue will strengthen the American economy.

It’s not an issue about can it be done, it must be done, if our Country has any economic hope for the future other than being owned by foreign interests.

Any candidate that does not believe America needs to run on its own energy, provide our own economy, dependent on only American interest, and takes care of our own people first – disqualify.

Any candidate who believes that we should negotiate or deal with Iran – disqualify. They want all of us dead! The only negotiations should be a 2×4 upside their head. Mr. Obama is the only one not threatened by them, I wonder why?

Any candidate who thinks burning down buildings, rioting and social unrest, killing and threatening law enforcement and acts of violence towards their own community is justified protest – disqualify.

The racially motivated hatred of a few is discrediting how much good is being done by so many Black Americans across our Great Land. This must stop; it comes back to leadership and allowing due process to take place. If anyone is persecuted or treated unjustly based upon the color of their skin it will be addressed in our Country today.

Any candidate that spews, we need to send all the illegals aliens back to where they came from – disqualify. This is a great sound bite, but nothing more. Common sense says it is just too many people, 11 million or so; we all know it really is more than that. Can you imagine the cost of their deportation? Many lead productive lives, pay taxes and are proud to be an American.

Where would our agricultural industry be without those willing to work?

Don’t get me wrong; many do need to go away, the criminals, nonworking, drug addicted and so forth. But many need to be naturalized into our Country and I would be proud to call them Americans.

I would sooner ship out some of our finest American citizens who will never work, who milk the system and who riot and complain about equality when there is endless opportunity.

Lastly, is border control. Any candidate that doesn’t think we need to gain immediate control and guard all of our borders – disqualify.

Bad people want to do bad things to us. Whether it’s the domestic crime or an act of terrorism. We need to control everyone who enters our Great Land whether it is by land, sea or air. I can’t believe I even have to write this.

So as the questions are asked and words are being spewed, listen to what is said and see how it stacks up to my thoughts and what you believe.
 We need to be a passionate, loving Nation of God. That is what our Country was founded on, and that is what is most needed today.

God bless America.

Jim Webb

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