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Limiting the Future Power of a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

The upcoming 2021 Primary Election on May 18th may be the most important in Pennsylvania history. It will set the tone for how the Keystone State will be governed. Most importantly, as witnessed in the last 16 months, it will determine the power one man, the Governor, has, to directly affect your constitutional freedoms and daily life.

This issue has been brought to the surface not just by COVID-19 but by everything we’ve witnessed regarding social unrest, defunding the police, managing Pennsylvania energy, and representing all Pennsylvanians as governor, not just the individual you choose.

I have watched Governor Wolf make every decision possible to lead the largest corporations to record profits during his declaration of a Pennsylvania State of Emergency. At the same time, he has held small businesses hostage by ridiculous demands beginning with his declaring of essential or nonessential. Anyone who thinks this is overstated didn’t go to a big box store or grocery store during the height of the pandemic. While small business owners scratched their heads over how to survive, people were herded through your local big box and grocery stores.

His response to COVID exposed more people to the disease by creating the necessity to shop only a couple of places for everything. Meanwhile, small family-owned businesses were forced to close that sold the same products. During the Governor’s shutdowns, more people walked through a big box line in an hour than are seen in most mom-and-pop shops in a week or longer.

I watched the hypocritical Governor break his own ridiculous COVID rules, whether dining out, public appearances, or being caught on camera without a mask.

I remember watching Governor Wolf marching with the individuals who wanted to defund Pennsylvania policing in support of mob rule while throwing his own mandates to the wind. I found it beyond ironic the State Police who keep the Governor safe were the target of those marching next to Mr. Wolf. This same governor harshly criticized and called out Pennsylvanians that peacefully and respectfully marched through Harrisburg to protest his stomping on constitutional rights.

I don’t have enough paper, and most of you don’t have enough patience to read through everything I could pen. The most despicable action was regarding his response to Coronavirus and manipulation of factual data needed to make life-saving decisions. This began early with manipulating the reporting of deaths from COVID. This was made possible by him declaring his State of Emergency powers.

The Governor, along with his Secretary of Health, Dr. Rachel Levine, made decisions that caused an unknown number of deaths within nursing homes. Many, right here in our own backyard. Like Governor Cuomo in New York, he lied about these numbers and refused to provide information and documents about the moving, placement, and death. The Department of Justice is investigating. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Dr. Levine’s great efforts got her a promotion to within the Biden administration.

The most important thing we need to do as fellow Pennsylvanians is vote to not allow any governor to have the power Gov. Wolf has exposed. This is a bipartisan issue and problem.

That leads us to three very important questions about proposed Pennsylvania Constitutional Amendments. Like most questions that currently appear on any ballot, they are written to mislead and confuse the voter. This is done intentionally in support of the political party and agenda behind the questions.

These questions were written in a very specific way by Governor Wolf, then-Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, and Attorney General Josh Shapiro. They were written to make sure Governor Wolf retains his beyond-authoritative gubernatorial powers. Since the writing of and approval of these questions, the disgraced Secretary Boockvar resigned over failure to do her job in regards to transparency protecting the rights of sexual abuse victims.

So, here are the Cliffs Notes concerning the questions and importance of voting Yes. First question. Proposed Constitutional Amendment 1. Termination or Extension of Disaster Emergency Declaration. A Yes vote takes away the dictatorial type powers of a governor, as witnessed recently. It changes the current law to provide checks and balances, including the PA General Assembly, providing an agreed upon response through majority rule.

Vote Yes – Proposed Pennsylvania Constitutional Amendment 2. Disaster Emergency Declaration and Management. Again, this is the process many people thought was in place prior to Governor Wolf’s actions. It takes the ability away from an individual to declare and continue a disaster emergency administration without the support of Pennsylvania’s Congress. It allows for those elected and those appointed from within their communities to have some say thru decision-making powers, not just the Governor.

Vote Yes – Proposed Constitutional Amendment number 3. Prohibition Against Denial or Abridgment of Equality of Rights Because of Race or Ethnicity.

This is a question I’ve heard much debate about due to the fact what is written is already provided by the Constitutional Rights of the United States of America. In my common-sense mind and not legalese, a yes vote just confirms rights already provided. Again, I believe this question was designed to confuse.

By voting yes to all three questions, you keep our locally elected officials relevant in Harrisburg. The only way we have the power to change anything is through the empowerment of our locally elected. If they fail to represent us as intended, it is much easier to vote them out compared to someone at a state or national level position.

I also believe a Yes Vote is in order for the fourth question, which is Statewide Referendum – Making Municipal Fire and Emergency Medical Services Companies Eligible for Loans. Its intentions are to provide extra money for Emergency Services. This for equipment and modernization of infrastructure. This is especially needed in small communities with volunteer fire departments.

We have been very blessed here in our little neck of Penns Woods. The changes needed to prevent what is occurring are possible. They begin with every school district, municipality, county, and locally elected position. The preservation of our very freedom begins through those elected from the very streets we live and support.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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