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Keystone Debt and Deception

Governor Wolf just doesn’t get it and he never will. Us folks in the Keystone State are in for a long and tough four years, minus the time our Governor has already put in.

This past week he made a big to do over the GOP Lawmakers who control the PA Legislature paying too high of an interest rate on $17 billion worth of debt. This rate of 1% is above what Mr. Wolf feels should be paid on such a large amount. The Governor’s spin is this rate is costing taxpayers $170 million per year.

I don’t know what the going rate is for refinancing $17 billion. The fact you have that type of debt load tells me someone may be a little concerned and charge you a little higher interest percentage. Fact is how many of you would ever do business with or partner with an entity that is $142.1 billion in the hole? That is the total of our State and Local Government’s debt, $142,100,000,000. I just wanted to see what it actually looked like.

Unfortunately, “We the Taxpayer of Pennsylvania”, are in business with Mr. Wolf. The Governor obviously attended the Barack Obama school of economics. Ignore the obvious, play the blame game on the negative and act like you have a good plan even when you know the plan is more government and more taxes.

It should be insulting to every Pennsylvanian that our state has $142.1 billion worth of debt. Governor Wolf’s spin of $170 million worth of interest is peanuts compared to the real problem. You cannot save the total sum of interest anyway, even if you shave .2% it still equates to $13.6 million in interest payable. His blame game approach, are you serious! Everyone who has served the Pennsylvania taxpayer, Republican, Democrat, or Independent that is responsible should be fired if they are still in office.

How in the world have we gotten to a point in history where it is okay to just keep adding to the debt service for future generations? They are our children and grandchildren. You really want to financially bury them in high taxes, high interest and a financially decayed State and Country? Friends, it is not a Republican or Democrat problem. It is a governmental problem. All have lost their mental ability to govern in a fiscally responsible way. Every Municipality, every County, every State and the Federal Government must operate like a for profit business.

Now back to our Mr. Wolf in sheep’s clothing. I have not read or seen where he’s had one good idea or plan on creating or bringing more business and industry to our State. It is the exact opposite, his increased taxes in the budget he proposed, his creation of more regulations and a bigger state government are chasing business folks out of Pennsylvania. Look no further than the natural gas industry. He has also managed to put another nail in the coffin of our State’s proud coal industry.

Mr. Wolf proposed budget is a absolute joke. His spin to get it passed is property tax relief for you and I and reduced corporate net income tax. Of course he will also help make more tax revenue available for education and the elderly. The young and the old page of the Obama playbook. Get the sympathetic support.

Here is the truth about Mr. Wolf’s proposed poppycock. As I have stated, Pennsylvania is $142.1 billion in debt. Mr. Wolf’s proposal does not address paying that down. Mr. Wolf wants to increase the state budget by $4.5 billion dollars. He wants to tax over forty new items and services. No one will pay less tax by his budget plan. They may pay less property tax but the Big Bad Wolf is going to get that back and much more.

An average family of four will pay an additional $1,400 of taxes per year than they are currently paying. Almost everyone, depending on your household or personal income, will pay an additional $300 and up in State Income Tax.

The elderly Mr. Wolf is so concerned about will take it on the chin. An individual in a personal care or nursing facility will pay an average of $3,000 more than the previous year by newly created taxes.

Here is the list of items and services that would become subject to State Sales Tax under Mr. Wolf’s budget.

General/Personal Items:
• Candy and gum
• Personal hygiene products
• Newspapers
• Magazines
• Non-prescription drugs
• Caskets and burial vaults
• Flags
• Textbooks
• Catalog and direct mail advertising

Other Items:
• Airline catering
• Commission
• Horses
• Construction of memorials
• Uniform commercial code filing fees
• Investment metal bullion and investment coins
• Cable television

• Transportation
• Motion picture and video industries
• Other financial investment activities
• Real estate agent and broker services
• Legal services
• Specialized design services
• Scientific research and development services
• Advertising services
• Other professional services
• Employment services
• Business support services
• Travel arrangement services
• Other support services
• Waste collection
• High education
• Home health care services
• Other ambulatory health care services
• Nursing and residential care facilities
• Social assistance (including child day care)
• Performing arts
• Spectator sports
• Museums, Historical Sites and similar institutions
• Amusement and recreation industries
• Recreational vehicle parks and recreational camps
• Personal care services
• Death care services
• Dry cleaning and laundry services
• Other personal services

Mr. Wolf really cares about the taxpaying citizens of Pennsylvania. He cares about extorting every last cent in the name of creating new taxes.

It’s too bad Mr. Wolf didn’t come onto the political scene earlier. He would have made the perfect Vice President to go along with Mr. Obama.

God Bless America

Jim Webb

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