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America’s Civil War – An Ongoing Biblical Battle

Absolutely no man deserves to die like George Floyd did. An absolute despicable act perpetrated by a completely evil individual. The complete disregard for humanity, callousness, and arrogance as Officer Derek Chauvin executed this poor man as he knew the world around him was watching. A truly demonic act. This made more unthinkable by the facts he took an oath to protect and serve, and three fellow officers failed to step in and stop the murder of a handcuffed man.

Before the rioting started, our Nation was United against this act of evil. I did not hear one person, whether they were law enforcement, elected to serve, or an American citizen want anything other than justice for George Floyd and the prosecution of those involved to the fullest extent of the law. It is hard for me to fathom what I have witnessed in the weeks since this happened.

As you know, there’s not a bigger believer in our constitutional rights than I am. Black Lives Matter and groups that assembled in peaceful protest and remembrance of George Floyd should always be supported. This is truly the living, breathing Constitution of “We the People” at work. However, those that chose to cross that line from peaceful protest to criminal activity cannot be tolerated. The 1st Amendment has nothing to do with infringement on other Americans’ rights. Arson, burglary, murder, looting, and crimes against your fellow man change nothing. They only create more hatred, violence, and take the focus away from the issues that truly need to be addressed. Nor do I believe these crimes are committed by anyone that cares about Mr. Floyd or his fellow man.

Now, before I get into the difficult part of this conversation, I will remind you of my words written after Ferguson, Baltimore, and other emotionally charged times that occurred during the Obama administration. If you feel you have been discriminated against or treated unjustly, I will listen. If your situation is justified, I will stand with you and get you the help needed. I want every Americans’ life, livelihood, and wellbeing to be respected.

There is currently a Civil War raging in our Country. We cannot allow political affiliation, the mainstream media, Facebook and the rest of social media, or the hatred from the far right- or left-wing fringe to divide us. This war being waged is one of good versus evil. You must use the weapons of common sense and the Golden Rule to not allow the above mentioned to create anger and hatred through deception. Simply ask yourself is what’s being reported or posted being done in the name of good or evil.

Almost everything we are bombarded with every day is done to bring out the worst emotions in humanity. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have created a direct line to hell. Like anything else working for evil, it’s camouflaged with good intentions. However, Mr. Zuckerberg wants to deceive, divide, and conquer for power and money. This can also be said for every so-called news network that tries to divide and shape what they believe America should be. I’m going to try to stay away from addressing our current two-party system of division in this article. However, anybody that thinks the Democratic Party is what it was intended for and has not been taken over by the far-left wing fringe is sorely mistaken.

I have already stated that Officer Derek Chauvin is pure evil, as is anyone that would use this time in American history to promote their racist, prejudiced, and/or power-grabbing agendas. What has happened in Minneapolis, New York City, Seattle, and many of our major cities is pure evil. There is no way to justify violence and lawlessness in the name of anything. Again, common sense is what’s being done in the name of good or evil.

It is not about the color of one’s skin; it’s about the person within. We cannot allow creators of hate to prey upon the white vs. black issue. What I have seen in all the footage I have watched is more white people committing criminal acts in the name of social justice, including those that, at gunpoint, took over that section of Seattle and deemed it a political free zone. This is completely deplorable for so many reasons. Black America does not need your help; you are only hurting their cause. Then I’ve watched and listened as these young white people want to tell black people how to think. They believe they’re better educated and know more than the person walking in those shoes every day. This, to me, is racist. And the fact that you are committing crimes that Black Lives Matters and other peaceful groups are getting blamed for is pure evil. Again, common sense, who are you working for?

This whole defunding of the police is complete lunacy. Again, common sense, is this for the good or for evil? Law and order versus lawlessness. Can you imagine where our Nation would be without law enforcement and those willing to put their life on the line each and every day?

Any mayor, any governor, any elected official that believes in defunding the police and allowing lawlessness in the name of the 1st Amendment sure as heck ain’t working for the good. Can you imagine all the victims of crime we’re not hearing about because it doesn’t serve the mainstream media or far-left liberal agenda? Those that are purely victims of circumstance and just happen to live where they do.

We must always stand in support of law enforcement to keep our communities safe. We must always stand united and hold all public servants accountable for their actions. There is no other option. The idea that you can only stand with one or the other is truly the devil’s deception.

God Bless America.

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Jim Webb

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  • M Diane Harrison
    June 26, 2020, 2:08 pm

    Can I subscribe to your posts? Can I share this on my Facebook account? I agree totally with what you are saying here.