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Your May Vote Counts!

Finally primary election time is upon us. No more ads, no more commercials, no more of those signs blocking the beauty of spring.

There are some “points of interest” for you the voter I’d like to make you aware of or provide a little reminder about.

First and most important, your vote matters, it is your voice in what goes on from the local community all the way to the Oval Office. Please do not sit on your vote. Get out and be heard. I don’t care if you write in someone’s name or vote for the favorite. Think of your vote as the most special of virtual documents that every person that has served in the United States of America’s Armed Forces has signed, many in blood.

Our younger generations need to learn and understand this. Many believe our freedom is infinite and have no concept of how it was earned, been defended for over two centuries and is kept safe every day by the men and women who don’t have their heads buried in their smart phone most of the day.

Our freedom at home and abroad is more fragile than at any point in American history. Thank you to those who protect it every minute of every day.

The following notes are not meant to endorse or discredit any candidate. The choice is up to you the voter. The information is factual or based on common sense.

Mayor Gabriel Campana has done an outstanding job for the city of Williamsport just take a look around. Yes, there are streets to fix, bad guys to catch and a budget to balance, there always will be. Mayor Gabe is a Christian family man who loves our City and works hard for the tax payer. Don’t expect anyone to be perfect, the only person that doesn’t make a mistake is the one that is not doing anything.

Chief Greg Foresman is a veteran of our Military and City law-enforcement. He has been promoted by the past three mayors of Williamsport. Serving for the past eight years as Chief of the folks in blue. He truly cares about the people of our area. He has addressed many tough crime and departmental issues. Mr. Foresman is battle tested and most experienced in the issues of today. He is seeking election for the District Judge position that Mr. Carn has retired from.

A vote for Jonathan Williamson is also a vote for him to be City Council President. With the departure of the current Council President after the mayoral election, the normal policy has been that the next in command is voted into the vacated office. This would not occur until the current term ends.

Nicholas Grimes was not elected to the position of City Treasurer, he was appointed when Tom O’Connor vacated this position. He is the step son of Mr. Bill Hall and was appointed by Mr. Hall and City Council. It is his first election campaign. He had troubling signature issues on his petition for office. Only 100 were required.

County Commissioner Jeff Rauff also has not won an election. He was appointed to office when Representative Jeff Wheeland headed to Harrisburg. Dozens of folks applied to finish Mr. Wheeland’s term of office.

As I pen this article no list has been made public of who the potential candidates were. Myself as a voter would like to know. His short body of work since placed in office becomes more validated by his selection for said office by the list he ascended to the top of.

Jim Dunn and Rick Mirabito get the democratic nods for County Commissioner. Both make it through to November as two Democrats are placed on the ballot. Mr. Dunn is an expert on infrastructure who is providing a column to the Webb Weekly to us all about the roads, bridges, drinking water and recreational areas of our great area.

Mr. Mirabito is a battle tested public servant who provides balance and voice for our County.

Tony Mussare is the only true incumbent to Office of Commissioner and he is up against a large field of Republican contenders; two make it to the November ballot. Mr. Mussare has worked hand and hand with Mr. Larson, Mr. Wheeland and for a short time with Mr. Rauff.

Republican County Commissioner candidates are Steve Schultz, Jack Person, Jack McKernan and John Bower. Along with Mr. Mussare and Mr. Rauff provide a solid field to choose from on the Republican side.

DA Eric Linhardt is on the ballot but faces no real challenge, his service as District Attorney has been solid and workman like while facing some tough issues and decisions. He has done a fine job on many levels within our communities; including his efforts to educate about the evils of heroin.

The District Judge position opened up by Jim Sortman’s retirement has two good men seeking election, William Solomon and Trent Peacock.

Both have outstanding career records in law-enforcement it’s too bad they can’t share the position.

A thank you for your years of service to the following, Mr. Ernie Larson, County Commissioner an all-around good guy I’ve known him most of my life. He lived just three doors down from my childhood house at the top of Kane Street. The Honorable District Judge Mr. James Sortman, he has served the people for 30 years. What a commitment to law and order. And the Honorable District Judge Mr. James Carn for his 18 years of bench work. May the three of you enjoy your much earned retirement.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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