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The Devil’s Working Overtime

Before I get to the pure evil being witnessed around the world, I want to pick up where I left off last week — the complete debacle regarding the ousting of Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy. I think it’s important to note that both locally elected United States representatives, Republicans Glenn “GT” Thompson and Dan Meuser, voted to keep McCarthy as speaker. Which was, and should have been, the only choice for what was best for our Nation.

The political hack job done by Representative Gaetz and seven others that created the situation was described as, “Nothing but a distraction from a handful of shameless self-promoters” by Rep. Thompson, and Rep. Meuser summed it up as, “We’ve got Gaetz and a couple of sycophants that are destructive critics that have done nothing since they’ve been here.” These two gentlemen elected by local voters were right on the money. The important thing now is to get a speaker back in the house chair and move forward in a team manner for the good of the people.

Last Wednesday, the Republican lawmakers selected majority leader Steve Scalise as their nominee. I don’t know enough about him to comment other than he will need a bipartisan 217 votes to take the gavel. It is important the Republican party is decisive and stands together to get this accomplished. It is also important the Democratic Party does not drag their feet in a partisan attempt to get Hakim Jeffries nominated.

Whether anybody wants to come right out and say it, our Nation is at war on many fronts. We need all hands ondeck working together to protect our freedom.

In my lifetime, our Nation has never been more threatened by more spiritual and opposing governed nations working against us. The common denominator to all is simply the battle of good versus evil. Be wary of the words used by many media sources and by the White House to try to put some spin or a political whitewashing on what is happening. I hope you can use your personal values, along with your common sense, to see the true picture.

You cannot negotiate with evil or those working in its name. This encompasses every terrorist organization and Nation that harbors them. When people chant death to America, that is exactly what they want. There will never be any negotiating with Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah, or anyone like them. We are   fighting a war that most people can’t even understand. And yes, there are innocent victims affected by those raging evil within the countries and areas they operate from. The evil element does not care about the death of the innocent; they are blinded by darkness and have no value of life, even their own.

I don’t care what religion you claim to come from or who your hatred targets when you gun down innocent people and kill children in the manner that was inflicted on Israel; this is not being done in the name of any good or any god. The atrocities committed against the Israeli people and those present during the attacks are beyond horrific.

President Biden describes it as “sheer evil.” This, at least, is easy to identify; what is much more difficult is the evil lurking among us, whether it be within our federal government or our local community. Those with a dark agenda, those who have sold their soul for riches and power, and those who can mask their true intentions. In addition, just look at the crimes being committed against children, women, and the elderly. For far too many, the devil has become the home team, and they enjoy their role in perpetrating the most violent and degrading acts against the innocent and vulnerable.

Our local news is filled with stories about kidnapping, sex trafficking, and murder. This, of course, goes right along with the violence and loss of a future to the drug industry. Whether it be a death caused by weapon, overdose, or the creation of an addiction that just won’t end without destroying, these are another form of evil attacking the American people. The true number of Americans affected is impossible to determine.

This battle of good versus evil that I’m describing is only going to get worse before it gets better. And it’s important to evaluate your own life and make sure you do everything possible to work for the good. You must remember no matter how good or religious you think you are — everyone is targeted. What you can control is your personal faith and the selflessness to help your fellow man. This may be on the street where you live or a street that has been destroyed by war or natural disaster.

Remember, the most powerful weapon we all possess is prayer.

God Bless and Help America.

Jim Webb