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Rounding 3rd and Headed for Football

The Little League World Series is one of those events that every sports fan should have on their bucket list. Fortunately, I was born, raised, and have resided my whole life in the Williamsport area. I enjoyed the LLWS as a child, then taking my children and hopefully my grandchildren someday soon.

Now that you understand how I feel about the event and seeing it in person, you may be surprised with my next sentences. I look forward to hustling home from my South Side office and watching the games on TV. ESPN/ABC do an unbelievable job with the broadcast, not only of the game itself but with everything that is the Little League World Series baseball experience.

The commentary and human-interest stories they provide are almost as good as the amazing play of the 11- and 12-year-olds on the field. Over the years, no matter who is behind the mic, whether it be a play-by-play announcer or a former pro, they always seem to present the game as a broadcast of World Series Baseball quality until it’s time to remind folks that these are just kids out there playing. Those who produce the broadcast always get the right camera shot of the play at the plate or the young siblings of those playing in the stands. Sometimes the little brothers and sisters are cheering on the action; sometimes, they’re more interested in chowing down on some of that great Little League concession stand food.

Even better, I now get about three weeks of watching the Little League World Series journey play out. ESPN’s broadcaster Karl Ravech covers MLB and college baseball and is a perfect fit for the Little League World Series. His words in the promo featuring the event sum it up best, there is nothing that brings as much joy as the Little League World Series. Julie Foudy does a remarkable job interviewing the kids, parents, and fans.
She frames the event exactly how it should be, a celebration of youth, family, and communities coming together through baseball.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the LLWS voices of Gary Chrisman, Ken Sawyer, Scott Lowery, and Tom O’Malley. When I’m driving or unable to watch the games, I have those familiar voices on the radio. I have listened to them almost my entire life, and nobody paints the World Series picture better than they do. They bring the spirit of the game and action to life without a screen. I wish I knew how many broadcasts they all have done combined, and I’m talking about more than just sports. I am proud to call them all my friends and must always include and remember the old left-hander, Mr. Bill Byham; he will always be part of the Little League World Series broadcasting team and our Webb Weekly family. As we round 3rd and head for home, a tip of my 75th Little League World Series cap to the teams that still have that championship dream alive.

As the action is winding up on the field don’t forget about the 12th Williamsport Welcomes the World celebration on Friday. Full details about the event can be found on page 6. A tip of that World Series cap to Mayor Derek Slaughter and all his troops that have the City of Williamsport looking better than ever. This was most evident during the return of the Grand Slam Parade. These two events held right in the heart of the city are outstanding bookends for the LLWS.

The Williamsport Crosscutters are wrapping up their season; at press time, our local MLB draft league boys were in 3rd place, two games out of playing in a one-game championship. So, every game is important. This made it a perfect time to do one last Crosscutters Grand Slam Giveaway.

I have four games available, August 26th, 30th, and 31st, and September 1st. Simply be one of the first four folks to reach out to me on Thursday beginning at 8 a.m., and you’re a winner. Our Webb Weekly Grand Slam Package includes four great seats and dinner for four at the ballpark. Good luck to all that call or text me at 570-337-0755; just mention Cutter’s Grand Slam.

That gets me to the final topic on my hit parade this week, as in ball carriers, not baseballs. Are you ready for some football? Webb Weekly Live will again have the best of Friday Night Lights from across the West Branch Valley beginning as the Hughesville Spartans travel over to Montgomery in our Game of the Week. My team of Paul Bo and Rich Zalonis are back on the call for the video live stream.

In talking with head coaches, Christian Diggs of the Red Raiders and Howard Rainey of the Spartans, both teams are beyond ready to rumble. Montgomery’s Red Raider Stadium will surely be rocking with all the pageantry and tradition of high school football.

It should go without saying our footballers, cheerleaders, and band members put more time and effort in than ever to represent their school. Always remember that even though they are a few years past Little League age, they are still just kids out there playing and performing for your viewing pleasure. Please get out and support your favorite team and be appreciative of the officiating.

School’s open; drive safely.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb