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A Fine Kettle of Caring

What is the number one question I have been asked the past several days? No, it’s not how many days are left in Mr. Obama’s reign of excellence. It’s a simple, how many bucks did we raise in the Red Kettle Remembrance of Dave? Well let me keep you in suspense for a little while.

Dave Sechler was a great man who gave himself for a lifetime of work for the Salvation Army and his community. He was dedicated and committed in whatever he did. So many of you told me your Christmas season began when you saw Dave holding his post, ringing the bell.

Sech is looking down smiling at all of you that continue his work and answered that Red Kettle calling. I can see his smile and hear his voice saying thank you for helping the Salvation Army.

Tip of the cap to all of you that made this year’s Red Kettle Remembrance of Dave a heartfelt, caring, huge success! I am appreciative that not only do you think so much of Sech but support a wonderful organization that takes care of so many of our neighbors and helps our local communities. I am proud you put your money where your mind and heart is!

It was like being a kid on Christmas morning when Majors Donald and Paula Spencer, and yes they are husband and wife, and my good friend Tony Perrotta came over to the Webb Weekly.

They along with my staff and I couldn’t wait to total the contents of our Red Kettle along with the other donations you folks made directly to the Sal or dropped in Red Kettles while you were Christmas shopping earmarked Remembering Dave.

So how much? We all thank you for your donations totaling $6405.60!

My staff and I are honored to match your contributions with another $6405.60. Quick math, a cool $12,811.20 to help the Salvation Army with their efforts!
Now you know why Sech is smiling and we will see you again next year, mark it on your calendar. Great job folks!

What’s Up in Harrisburg?

Well not a budget for the Keystone State as I’m penning this. Governor Wolf in sheep’s clothing is doing his best Obama impersonation; it is his way or his way. Our local representatives Mr. Garth Everett, Mr. Jeff Wheeland and Senator Gene Yaw have done a fine job standing up for you and I and our wallets. The Wolfman does say he will free up some emergency funding for those who need it. Why could he have not done this a month ago?

Folks it’s all about the money, Governor Wolf in sheep’s clothing wants it. Doesn’t matter if it’s the private sector or business. More tax, more regulation, more robbing from the working and giving to those working the system.

Our State has been blessed over the past few years with the infusion of revenue from the Marcellus Shale industry. With the bottom falling out on oil prices, increased pressure has been levied against all states to work with the gas folks. Not our Governor. Forget about that billion dollar industry and energy independence.

Governor Wolf in sheep’s clothing had already began closing down our cash pipeline before this hit the full spin cycle. He and his policies will make it hard to find replacements for the gas industry’s tax revenue. He will naturally expect that you and I will cough up the money for his liberal budget.

Message to Governor Wolf. Cut your budget, cut your staffing, cut your underhanded using of education, the elderly and puppies without a home to justify your agenda.
The over abundance of government is a vicious cycle! The creation of those who are dependant is almost impossible to reverse. The Governor just doesn’t get the fact he works for us. It is alarming more and more Pennsylvanians are getting caught up in that dependent trap. Supporting decision-making because they gain benefits on the backs of their fellow citizens. Voting for the ridiculous because it directly benefits the individual.

What happens when all of us paying the bills that support our government can’t take care of our own families and save for our retirements and elder care? What happens when the independent, law-abiding taxpayer can’t afford groceries, a college education for their children or even owning their own home because they have paid for people sucking off the system since they began their adult work life, this includes the lifetime politicians and their entourages?!?!

I would love to ask Mr. Wolf these questions. I would love to ask Mr. Obama these questions. I would like to look every bleeding heart liberal in the eye and inform them we all quit and now you are going to pay for us! Two problems with that. 1. You and I would never quit on our Country. 2. The liberal liars would never help you and I.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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