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It’s a Great Day to Be Alive

It’s a Great Day to Be Alive

Happy Easter; may you and your family enjoy a special day of togetherness. As the warmth of Spring renews life and raises the human spirit, so does the celebration of Easter. God’s greatest gift of his only Son and the message He brought to the human realm that ended with Jesus’ death on the cross and then his resurrection is truly amazing.

I love my sons more than I can express. It is difficult for me to comprehend what God and Jesus must have felt as the last days were playing out. I understand they both knew the plan, but for Jesus to have that much faith in his Father and God to watch as his Son was brutally tortured and murdered could not have been easy. It is a true testament to their infinite love of mankind.

God then blessed us with visual proof. On the third day, Jesus rose from the dead and, forty days later, ascending into Heaven to be with his Father. This making and proving everlasting life is available to each and every one of us through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as our savior. Wow, what a deal in today’s world!

That, my friend, is the number one problem in today’s world; not enough folks are accepting that deal and living their lives by what Jesus taught us in his short time on earth.

As you are enjoying Easter Dinner, the perfectly cooked ham and potato salad or mashed potatoes, the coconut cream pie, the laughter, and friendship, please talk about why we celebrate this most important Christian holiday. Simplify it for the young folks or those who may not know, understand, or been exposed to this message.

Reach out to those older folks or that neighbor that lives alone and offer a plate of Easter cheer and some conversation. Make a phone call or drop by someone you know that is experiencing hardship, illness, or may have recently lost a loved one.

Use Easter Sunday as a “What Would Jesus Do” moment and share your love with someone who truly needs it, and set the example for the children. As you settle back in your chair that night and enjoy the candy from the kids’ basket or a bowl of that leftover whipped cream and Jell-O mixture with the little marshmallows, you will feel the inner peace and love the day is truly about.
Tip of the Cap

The amazing winter sports season for local teams has continued. Before I get to the current goings-on, a little wrap-up on a couple of area wrestlers. Forgive me for missing a couple of our area athletes in my overview of the recently completed State Championships.

Muncy Indian, Ethan Gush, a senior, medaled at 172 pounds. Ethan, a talented Allstate football player, reached States for the 2nd time during his career.

Hughesville Spartan Caleb Burkhart had a great senior season. The fine young man overachieved, finishing 8th in the heavyweight division. He became the first Spartan wrestler ever to medal at this classification.

At press time, the Williamsport Millionaires coached by Brian Nasdeo were still alive for a state team championship. They had reached the PA Final Four.

Congratulations to the Loyalsock Lancers and Pennsylvania’s all-time winningest coach, Ron Insinger. As I am finishing my column, CI and the boys are getting ready to compete in the 3A State Championship Final at Hershey.

What an unbelievable season it has been in Lancerland. Sock will be trying to complete their “unfinished business” mission against Brookville at the Giant Center. We will have much more on this next week.

It has been my pleasure covering the Lancers and all the best hoop teams in our area.

Finally, tip of my Webb Weekly hat with the American Flag on the side to my sidekick and play by play man, Paul Bo. He does an amazing job on the mic, makes the games and travel fun, and bleeds District IV blood. Thanks for making me look good, my friend.

Happy Easter, and let’s all be careful out there and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

God Bless America.

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Jim Webb

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  • Paul Bo
    March 31, 2021, 4:55 pm

    Thank you so Much for the kind words , I have never had so much fun doing games . This season has been a strange one for sure , but hats off to everyone who made it work . The travel and brotherhood our team shares is second to none . #bang … till football season Tally HO !!