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Appreciation for the Harbingers and Happenings of Autumn

Our Fall Home Improvement Guide can mean only one thing — the unofficial start of Autumn has arrived. Since we began the Webb Weekly, this is always one of our biggest publications of the year, and our 2021 edition is no different. Within the Fall HI pull-out, there are 114 businesses available to help you with everything from building that new home to those repairs on the honey-do list you’ve never gotten to. Please do yourself a favor and hire somebody and get it done. It will make your life at home so much happier. And I’ve got a guy for you.

My staff and I take great pride in our relationship with the West Branch Builders Association and all those that make a living with their hands and/or provide products to make your home a better place. They are part of our area’s small business community that is ever so important in providing jobs and strengthening our local economy.

The names and businesses within our publication are ones you can trust. When I need something done, especially when it comes to keeping my wife off my back, the folks working at my house come right off the list provided.

Which leads me right into my next point, almost every business inside our Fall Home Improvement needs workers. The world needs carpenters, plumbers, electricians, heavy equipment operators, welders — you name it. All those good people that pack up the lunch pail and go to work every day. Our Country is facing a serious shortage of these people, who, when you think about it, actually build our Country from the ground up. We need to encourage young people that there are great livings to be made through the hard work of learning a trade. It is a fast-track opportunity for learning and then applying your skill to a personal business ownership opportunity. We must understand that traditional college and white-collar jobs are not for everybody; our Nation needs to move away from that thinking. There is a job, great earning potential, and purpose for everyone that wants to work, especially those that want to get dirty.

Another sign that fall is in the air is the amazing job the ladies at Tebbs have done in decorating for the season. It’s a celebration of the harvest season as all those brilliant fall colors come together. And of course, it’s a great place for me to stop and pick up some great healthier food choices, maybe a jug of apple cider and whatever looks good that day. I will wait to get the mums and pumpkins until a little later in the season.

There is so much going on in our area; get out and about out as a family and take it all in. As our cover shows, Muncy is being taken over this weekend for the love of Motorheads. Three amazing car shows within minutes of each other. In downtown Muncy, Blaise Alexander’s Family Dealerships present the Susquehanna Valley Corvette Club. Just on the edge of town Murray Motors and the Peace brothers are hosting the North Central Mustang Club, and right next door, the Kaiser Boys and the Fairfield Auto Group feature Mopar Muscle of Central Pennsylvania. So, no matter what manufacturer you lean towards, it’s all covered. Along with great food, giveaways, and support of the local community. There is something for everyone in the pages ahead. Clear your mind of every negativity as seen on TV and get out and enjoy!

One event that I encourage folks to attend is the Rocking the Monument concert at the Community Arts Center Saturday evening; the full story can be found on page 18 proceeds will benefit The Central Pennsylvania Gold Star Families Memorial Monument at Lycoming County Veterans Memorial Park. This is a tribute to the families and relatives who have lost a loved one while serving our Nation and providing our very Freedom.

It is amazing how people’s paths cross during their life’s journey in our little neck of Penns Woods. After reading the story, you’ll understand the following comments a little better. Bart Howard and I both grew up on Kane Street in Southside, which is now where my office resides. After not seeing him for decades, he walked back into my life with the Rocking the Monument event. Bart’s and my friendship picked up right where it left off years ago. It is my honor and privilege to promote this event for him. Thank you for your continued service to our great Nation.

I have been wanting to write about Afghanistan; however, I did not want my emotions to turn the column into a rant of rage. I prayed this past week on this issue for personal peace and guidance in finding just the right words to write this column. Before I took the time to put pen to paper, the following showed up on my desk from Scott Lowery. Mr. Lowery is a longtime friend of the family and longtime member of the Weekly family. This is a must-read for everyone in our United States of America.

I thank Scott for his perspective and outstanding journalism. Please read “Who’s in Charge?” on Page 10.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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