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Hillary’s No Dinner Cash Dash

Folks, we need to change. I understand that an individual’s political affiliation is engrained in them. It may have begun many moons ago when they were young. They either believed the teaching of their parents and maybe grandparents or they rebelled against possibly their father and became a flaming liberal or radical right wing conservative. This done to show they are their own person or to agitate a parent.

In our area the overwhelming majority of people are conservative. It doesn’t matter if you are Republican or Democratic, most have moral, social and fiscal beliefs that lean heavy to the conservative side.

I have told the world I consider myself a conservative American. Not a Republican. Not a Democrat. A believer that the American dream is accomplished through hard work, financial accountability and common sense. God, Country, family. Reward the hardworking, not the non-working. Take care of those who are disabled, are suffering a personal hardship, or maybe just need a helping hand through a tough time. Always take care of the folks that serve and protect our Nation.

Less government is better government. Government only disables and bogs down anything it gets involved in. Let the free market system remain free and the American business minds solve the problems. I could go on but you get the point.

Now back to an individual being a lifetime Democrat or Republican. It doesn’t work! Party’s beliefs change. Most of all both parties have failed the American taxpayer.
This past week I watched in amazement as – “No matter what – I’m a Democrat,” played out in Scranton.

Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton paid a visit to the “Electric City” or should I say got paid to visit the Electric City. She was making a non-public appearance. What’s a non-public appearance? I wondered too. My take is you give no interviews to the media, you don’t make yourself available to the average citizen and you grab as much cash and leave town as fast as you can.

See, Hillary was visiting a friend in the high rent, old money, hoity-toity section of town. There was one catch, it was $1,000 per meet and greet. Not $1,000 per plate, they didn’t get fed. It was a wham, bam, shake Hillary’s hand and make sure you give her a grand.

Over 100 Democrats lined up and took advantage of such a great deal on a handshake. A quick $100 grand for Hillary and back into a black van she had waiting like a getaway car to get her out of town.

Never mind that the city of Scranton is broke. They are within, by most economists’ estimation, two years of declaring bankruptcy. The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area has voted Democrat for decades, maybe forever.

Scranton/Wilkes-Barre is one of the most politically corrupt areas in the Nation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a County Commissioner, Judge, State Representative or Senator. I’ve seen them all hauled away in cuffs. Think about just recently what you watch on WNEP or WBRE involving this area.

It doesn’t matter though; the citizens of Scranton are still died in the wool Democrats. Their town is broke; crime is up, employment down. But they keep voting for the party that put them there. How about some change for the good, people? I’m not even saying you jump party lines but maybe hold your party accountable and vote what’s best for Scranton, Pennsylvania and our Country. Not just the same old, same old.

One lady WNEP interviewed said “I’m friends with the lady holding the event and if I had $1,000 I’d be in there.” First of all, she’s some friend, and did you ever think the reason you don’t have the 1,000 bucks is because of the people attending the event, especially Hillary?

Congrats to the West Enders

Tip of the cap to Jim and Bonnie Winder. The President and First Lady of our area’s Babe Ruth affiliate. The couple has dedicated their lives to teenage baseball. Because of their efforts, a strong board of directors, coaches and volunteers who go above and beyond the call of duty, the league has enjoyed great success at the State and National level.

This year has been a special one. The senior All-Star team is heading to the World Series in Oregon, the 15-year-old All-Stars are traveling to Tennessee for their World Series and as of press time the 14-year-olds are still battling for a World Series birth. Pretty remarkable for a league located in the cold weather of Pennsylvania.

The tip of the cap is more about what the league offers than the long time tradition of winning and success of this season.

See, young men from many different school districts have the opportunity to play at West End. They know going in All-Star selection is not a certainty due to the talent level and large number of players the team is selected from.

They also know it’s the best competition offered in our area and they will get to meet and make friends with players from other schools.

This is what makes West End so special. The chance to play with someone who is normally your rival, the lifelong friendships and memories created by Mr. Winder’s melting pot of area talent, the personal development of young teenagers leaving the security of their local league and coaches and having to work hard and earn their accomplishments. Is there any better life lesson?

It is for this I tip my cap to the Winders and all at West End. They provide a program that helps to develop young men as well as fine ball players.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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