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That’s the Wrong Reason Why

Before I get to another issue involving age, I have a joyous occasion to begin this week: Happy 80th birthday to my stepmother, Carol. This from Billy, Jodi, Brian, Morgan, and our entire families. Wow, that is hard to believe. As is so often said, it seems like only yesterday. We all wish you great health and ask you to take a breath and enjoy doing the things you like to do.

I thank you for being so supportive of my Father, and I know for sure he’s looking down, thinking I can’t believe you’re 80 years old, Carol. Followed by, I wonder if the motor home is packed and you’re ready to go? This, of course, as he laughs that laugh we all know, and jokingly smiles.

I know in his absence, he would want me to wish you a Happy Birthday followed by an I love you. And now I can hear his voice telling me to get back to work and get the article done. Wouldn’t you love to hear his take on all that’s going on in today’s world?

Well, are you as tired as I am of watching the new Biden and Trump commercials that follow up on their first debate? I can’t wait until this election is over, and hopefully, we will move forward in a positive way. There are just too many things that need fixing, and time isn’t on our side. We must move into the future as a Nation united.

I should probably bite my tongue, but I have a couple of thoughts I’d like to share. Please just hear me out and think about what I’m saying. These are not meant to be negative towards the Democratic Party or President Biden in any way. It’s just that I can’t believe what I’m hearing, and that’s the best reason certain individuals have for these thoughts.

I have seen several democratic representatives, senators, along with governors go on record that the party needed to come up with a better candidate after the president’s debate performance. I should mention here that Governor Josh Shapiro has strongly stated he stands 100% with Joe Biden. I understand his stance and appreciate his honesty.

I have no problem with others coming up with a better presidential candidate, and I understand their concern. What is upsetting to me is that certain elected officials never mentioned it should be a better candidate for the United States of America.

You only hear that it’s the Democratic Party that needs a better candidate, or the Democratic Party that is going to be hurt, as well as the fellow Democrats within the state they represent. Are you kidding me? You really have become so bold and brazen that you’re basically saying your party, your job, and your party’s control of the Oval Office is more important than all the citizens of the United States of America who you represent. I’m positive there are not just Democrats who voted you in or live within your borders.

How about just simply approaching it with, we can do better for the People of the United States of America than the re-election of President Joe Biden? With a couple of lines of, unfortunately time has caught up with President Biden as it does with all of us. He and his legacy deserve to be viewed in a better light for his service to our Nation.

I think it’s important to note no matter if you believe President Biden is doing a good job or a bad job, it doesn’t change the fact that he is old. He would be 86 at the end of his next term, and he has the most stressful and difficult job that always ages whoever is in office, like dog years.

It does no good to speculate if the Democratic Party should have made this decision prior to the primary election season or wonder why they let him debate. This is where we are, and it’s necessary to get someone ready out of the bullpen — again, for our Nation, not just the Democratic Party.

All the arguments being used against Donald Trump by the current campaign would transfer to whoever the torch is passed to. I’m no political expert, but if you’re going to garner undecided votes, time is wasting. Let the American voter have an opportunity to listen to and view the next choice, even if it is Kamala Harris.

I believe the most important election in our Nation’s history has not been won or lost yet. What occurs between now and the second Tuesday in November will set the tone for the future. Back to those who place party over priority, let your job performance and integrity as an elected American determine your future.

May God Bless and help America.

Jim Webb