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Tricks, Treats, and Fink Family Feats

Tricks, Treats, and Fink Family Feats

Happy Halloween! Please watch out for the witches, zombies, superheroes, princesses, and all looking to score a big bag of treats. What a great year to be a kid; you can Halloween in several communities due to the celebration being held on different nights. Not to mention the drive-by candy catch that is going on at Crosscutterland; Editor Steph has details on her page.

Tip of my Webb Weekly cap to all that prepared floats, costumes, and practiced routines for the 75th Mummers’ Parade that wasn’t for the second time. Hopefully, next year the third time is the charm. A special shout out to my staff for the amazing float they created out of old copies of the Webb Weekly.

The float depicted Allison’s graveyard with a backdrop of the Susquehanna Riverbank, complete with the fall foliage of the Bald Eagle Mountain in the background. My Webb Weekly Family worked 714 days since the last parade on what was sure to win First Prize. Dana and Sam at Poust Taxidermy then made me a Susquehanna River Sasquatch suit out of left-over fur and hair from their taxidermy work. Upon finding this out, one of my top salespeople, Charlie Gizenski, cut a deal with Jack Link’s Jerky for 1,300 pounds of their product.

The plan was for me to walk back-and-forth on the float, tossing out bags of jerky dressed as the Susquehanna River Sasquatch. I loved the idea. Now, for some bad news, unfortunately, when the Parade was canceled, the float was left outside in the storm, along with my Squatch-tume. The float titled “Sasquatch on the Southside” was turned into 13 tons of paper mâché mush by the heavy rain. The all-natural squatch-tume began to stink so bad being left out for the weekend that Mr. Steve Cappelli came down from the Borough Office and had it incinerated.

Back to Charlie Gizenski. He and his wife brought the twins over to the office. One made an amazing Black Panther, and the other was the most beautiful Tinkerbell. The best part of my day was seeing them in costume, sugaring them up, and sending them home with their parents. I like this uncle role as you get older in life.

My longtime employee, Bones, pictured with Charles and Vivian, will be at the office to greet the winners of the Webb Weekly’s Count the Candy Contest. Again, Editor Steph has full details on page 4.

Speaking of contests, the 14th Annual Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest heated up last week with a little cooler weather and the presence of a full moon. Contest details can be found below. Please reach out to me with anything hunting you’d like to talk about.

What an unbelievable day the brothers Finn had last week. The sons of Luke and Stephanie from Cogan Station made hunting memories that will last a lifetime.

First up was 16-year-old and perfectly named Hunter, who harvested a beautiful 10-point buck to fill his archery tag. A little later in the day, a 14-year-old younger brother, Ryder, placed the crosshairs of his inline muzzleloader on a beautiful 300-pound Pennsylvania black bear and made it count.

The boys’ parents can have a smile ear to ear for so much more than their sons’ hunting prowess. Hunter, who is in the 10th grade, is also an avid fly fisherman who ties his own flies. He is a member of the 4H, raising sheep and goats, which he shows. Ryder has the same love of the outdoors and enjoys photography. He plays football for the Jersey Shore Bulldogs.

Most importantly, the brothers love each other and being together as a family. Their special brotherly bond will last a lifetime. It will make the best of times even better and when life gets a little tougher, provide that shoulder to lean on. Luke and Stephanie should be very proud of the family they’re raising.

Let’s all be safe out there. Life is to be lived in person, not be viewed.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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