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First Downs Fists Up and First Responders Remembered

Are you ready for some football? How about some live boxing action, or maybe you want to get out to physically challenge yourself and see what you’ve got and benefit a great cause at the same time? As we roll towards September, make sure you get out and enjoy all the great local events going on.

As the Little League World Series comes down the home stretch and the kids go back to school, it can mean only one thing in our area — it’s time for the tradition of Pennsylvania high school football. Here’s the beautiful thing this year, the gates are open for all to enjoy the sounds, sights, and great smells of Friday Night Lights across the West Branch Valley.

The music of the band playing while your favorite Friday night meal is cooking at the concession stand, the cheerleaders cheering your favorite team as they run out onto the field to start the 2021 season. The fresh-cut grass, or in many cases artificial turf, perfectly outlined for the combat of the gridiron. Personally, I’ll take the fresh-cut over the turf anytime. I like to see dirty uniforms, grass stains, and mud covering when it rains. I know it’s much easier on the moms’ washing duties to play on turf, other than all those little black rubber pellets end up in the dryer.

How about the pop of the perfect tackle heard throughout the stadium? The greatest sound heard as this season kicks off will be that roar of the crowd, which was missing last year. You know the sound; it starts as a little rumble as the perfect pass play develops or the ball carrier breaks into the open field. Then by the time he reaches the end zone, the fans are in an uproar, the band’s playing the fight song, and the cheerleaders are performing their celebration routine. This all happening as the loudspeaker announces the player’s name that just crossed the goal line.

What a celebration of youth, community, teamwork, and competition. It is, without a doubt, something that is best viewed in person. All this while you’re enjoying the company and conversation of your friends, families, and neighbors. Please get out and about and support all those that make Friday Night Lights so much more than just the numbers on a scoreboard.

For all those that can’t make it to the ball game for whatever reason, Webb Weekly Live has got you covered for another season of the best in local high school football. I have been humbled over the years hearing from so many that can’t make it to the game, especially those serving in the military that get to watch their brother play or keep in contact with the school they graduated from.

Thank you for your kind words.

Webb Weekly Live will be featuring the best of District IV football by live-streaming two games each week. My broadcasting team of Paul Bo and Rich Zalonis will have the Williamsport Millionaires most weeks featuring Coach Chuck Crews and his troops. Webb Weekly’s other broadcasting team of Jamie Spencer and Mark Mussina will feature a Game of the Week. The best matchup and rivalry contest between local opponents. Simply the players, teams, and games you want to watch at the tip of your fingers.

We will also have the return of Touchdowns and Tailgates powered by the Fairfield Auto Group on Wednesday evenings at 7. This shines the spotlight on local players and coaches to provide insight into much more than football. It allows you to see your favorite player with their helmet off and to hear their voice. It enables you to hear the coaches’ thoughts and understand their job is much more than just football. For this week’s matchups, see the ad below.

My next stop this week is something pretty darn cool, Boxing in the Park. This, presented by Vicious Promotions, will be held at a venue constructed in Elm Park. It will feature young fighters from John Powell’s Williamsport School of Self Defense. John does a great job of providing an outlet for young men to learn about much more than boxing. He uses a family approach and tough love to help many who are at-risk young folks. A feature story can be found on Pg. 38.

Again, like the high school football, this is something that has to be seen in person.

There will be a full card of Fights, and the event is registered with USA Boxing. It will be happening this Saturday, August 28th. First bout is at 3:00 p.m. I can’t wait not only to watch the action but to see Elm Park host a boxing event.

Webb Weekly is proud to be a sponsor of this event, the efforts of John Powell, and all his fighters. If you’re a boxing fan and would like to attend the event with a guest, I have ringside seats for the first four folks that get a hold of me. As always, my contact information can be found on page 4.

My last item this week takes place in the near future and is the focus of Steph Nordstrom, my editor and right-hand person’s story (Pg. 4). In remembrance and honor of those that ran into the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001. Steve Noviello and Steph have organized an event in conjunction with Mr. Jerry McLaughlin, Loyalsock School District Superintendent. It is titled the 9/11 Heroes Challenge. I will have much more on this next week. All proceeds will be donated to the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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