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Merry Christmas…

From my family to you and yours! It’s hard to believe how the years have flown by as fast as Santa’s sleigh. The first Webb Weekly Christmas cover was taken at Tebb’s, I remember like it was yesterday. Eleven years have passed since then.

A young Jimmy (7) and Hunter (3) picked out that special Christmas tree with Michelle and I. It was tough to get them to stand still for the camera back then. Well, some things remain the same, it was just as tough this year. Even tougher when we tried to get Buddy, my four-legged son, to stand still for a quick photo.

It’s amazing when you compare the boys to that earlier Christmas photo. It makes me feel proud but also a little sad and sentimental that they are all grown up. Enjoy your Christmas and spend time with your young children. Before you know it they will be grown like mine.

Take time to watch the snowflakes fall and share time as a family with the young and the young at heart. Visit those elderly members if they’re in a nursing home or can’t get out. Make sure if you have a lonely neighbor or friend you take a minute to wish them a Merry Christmas. God Bless and keep safe our servicemen and women around the world.

Please share the true meaning of Christmas with your children no matter of their age. I wrote this poem and shared it with my sons.

Our God sees no color, difference or race. To him we are all created equal, an image of his face.

United we must stand and work for good together. One Nation under God to make the World better.

As evil and violence are the stress of today. Remember for good there is only one way.

Almighty God gave us his only beloved son. So that peace, forgiveness and internal life could be won.

Imagine how hard and difficult that must have been. God knew the plan and how it would end.

This truly shows his love of man, his most special creation. Even though we continue to fall short of his expectations.

Accept Jesus Christ our Savior and King. Be selfless, avoid temptation and the angels will sing.

As we celebrate the Miracle of Emmanuel our God’s Son. Help the less fortunate, the persecuted, and with the work the Lord needs done.

So celebrate Jesus of Nazareth this Christmas season. “The Prince of Peace” and “God’s Good Will” have always been the reason.

Still Ringing for Sech

A Red Kettles thank you to all that have made a donation to the Salvation Army in the remembrance of Dave Sechler. It has been great catching up and talking to so many of you that played ball at the “Sal” during Dave’s watch.

It has also been so very heartfelt how many have contributed in a good man’s honor to a great organization that knew Dave from a different part of his life or just because they wanted to help and didn’t know him at all.

One I do want to make a special note of is 7 year old Haley Hampton. Who along with her outstanding coloring page sent me a very special note and attached to it was five dollars for the Red Kettle. Thank you Haley, young folks getting involved always brings a smile to my face.

Donations are still being accepted at our Webb Weekly office or by mail. We will continue until noon on New Year’s Eve.

Remember, stop by and see me or one of the ladies in the office and let us thank you and provide you with a Webb Weekly coffee mug. My staff and I will match the donation to the Salvation Army in remembrance of Sech.

Thank you for your holiday generosity, Merry Christmas and God Bless.

Jim Webb

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