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A Clear Path and a South Side Smoke Screen

Wow! There is so much going on in the world. So many of you have reached out to me to investigate local issues and politicians. Maybe we should start publishing the Webb Weekly two or three times a week. I’m sure the postal carriers would love that! Hold that thought, I have not thanked my good friends and business partners at the post office recently. They do an outstanding job making sure you get your Webb Weekly fix. No one is perfect however, if for some reason you ever get missed give us a call (570-326-9322) maybe I will personally bring your copy right out to you. We will definitely make sure you get the most recent issue.

Well the National Republican Party did everything they could, short of having Mitt Romney take a ball bat to Mr. Trump’s knees, to prevent his run to the White House. How did that work out for the old money, self-serving, hypocrites that call themselves the “Grand Old Party”?

I’m still waiting for Ted “You Lose” Cruz to reenter the race for the Oval Office. They don’t come any slimier. How about that last second selection of Carly Fiorini as his Vice Presidential candidate? I don’t know what was more idiotic his choice of Ms. Fiorini for less than a week before he dropped out of the race or her acceptance of the offer.

Mr. Cruz will not be reelected in his home state of Texas even as dogcatcher. They can’t stand losers in the Lone Star State.

Mr. John Kasich also finally left the race, not that anyone cared he was ever in it. I don’t think any candidate in American history has been as delusional as Mr. Kasich, well other than maybe Jeb Bush.

This has cleared the way for Mr. Trump and Ms. Hillary “Prison Stripes are Presidential” to battle it out. Oh boy should this be entertainment at its finest.

As long as “The Don” stays true to what got him here, a choice rather than the establishment, he will win easily. If he tries to play huggy kissy with the National Republican Party and their “Good Old Boy Network” – he will be in trouble.

The GOP is worse than the liberal Democrats and the Sanders’s socialists rolled into one. At least there you know what you’re getting.

The Grand Old Party has been seen for who they really are. Big government moneygrubbers who have lived at the trough of the American taxpayers for years. Lifestyles of the rich and infamous who want to control you, me, and our Country for power and monetary gain.

They hide behind conservative ideas and slip it to you and I like a liberal elitist, there really is no difference. No matter how you cut it, beliefs that are to the radical right or liberal left end of the scale are bad for Democracy.

High-ranking Republican National Committee and senior GOP chatterbox Curly Haugland came right out and said, “We choose our nominee for President, not the voters.” Do you know what you can do with your Contested Convention Curly?

Stay clear of the GOP and RNC Mr. Trump and you will reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Cross those who got you there and Ms. Hillary could slide right in.

Remember also, Mr. Trump, moderate and Democratic voters are flocking to your side because they flat out don’t like Hillary.

If the “Good Old Boy Network” of the Grand Old Party had the power, you wouldn’t be the choice of the American people. DO NOT give them back any power or respect. They didn’t give it to you or the American people.

What in the world is going on in Southside? Last year my phone rang over the $100 don’t blow your grass in the street and not clean it up fine. Which in a nutshell, are you really serious Mr. Codes Enforcement Guy, come on now.

Matthews Boulevard is a parking lot and an accident waiting to happen, I watched Borough crews mow and blow. And you want to whack the average Joe Mountaineer a Benjamin? And the Mayor and Borough Council sit on their grass while there are far more pressing problems on the Southside.

Now my phone is burning up over the Borough of South Williamsport wanting to be in the fire protection business. Most local municipalities have volunteer fire departments. These fire departments are private entities. It has been that way since fire service began except in those municipalities that have paid fire departments.

If Mayor Gabriel Campana of Williamsport could get out of the fire and emergency service business and pass it off to a private entity he would do this so fast it would start a fire.

The same reason Donald Trump has been empowered and the problems that can be found in Harrisburg and Washington is why the Borough of South Williamsport is sticking its nose into the fire; the overgrowth of government and abuse of power. Somebody ought to mow that and blow it into the street.

South Williamsport taxpayers be forewarned your taxes are going up to pay for fire protection and emergency services. They have to; it was being provided by three businesses before, First Ward, Citizens and Independent Fire companies.

Citizens of South Williamsport be forewarned government involvement never improves a service or makes it more cost effective. It decreases quality and you pay more for less. And increased budget for the Borough and increased liability, what is the motivation? Politics of course same as it ever is.

Did I mention the leadership of South Williamsport is also trying to squeeze out Independent Fire Company? An organization that is debt-free, has over $4 million in assets and has been serving the community for over 120 years? A full story on this next week.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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