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We Are in a Battle for the Soul of America

I have waited to write this article until President Joe Biden officially announced his intention regarding the 2024 election. Last Tuesday, he did just that, releasing a video asking the American people for more time to “finish this job.”

Before I get started, I want to clarify that I would be writing the same words regardless of our President’s political affiliation. Our Nation is heading in the wrong direction on so many levels. Our One Nation Under God is far more important to me than identifying as a Republican or Democrat. We need a leader to unite Americans from all walks of life.

I will be respectful to President Biden, so please don’t take my pointing out the facts as anything but that. For those of you who want to throw the Trump card at me, you obviously didn’t read my body of work from prior to his election right on through to after January 6th. I will stop with that topic right there. I do not try to change anybody’s mind when it comes to politics; I try to point out the obvious and call it like I see it.

President Biden is 80 years old; he would be 86 by the time his 2nd term ends; the last thing our Nation needs is a president from any party at this point in their life. The media can keep dismissing President Biden’s slip-ups and senior moments; I completely understand my memory is not as good at 55 as it was at 50. However, we’re talking about the President of the United States of America, and that’s the wrong job to consistently have senior moments. If you need any proof of this point, just take a look at the people this age in your life, couple this with what their daily activities are, and be honest with yourself.

I have watched much of the President’s political career; there is no way his mental cognizance is intact. And this has nothing to do with his physical well-being regarding the falls he takes.

I want to finish this part of my article by also being clear about the fact our Nation does not need a 76-year-old former president who would be 82 by the time his 2nd term finished.

If our Nation is going to continue down the 2-party dominant system driven by who has the most money, power, and party support behind them, both need to provide better candidates. The old guard from both parties has created the state of the Nation we are currently living in. President Biden’s 40 years in office should have been enough to disqualify him before being elected. Before you Democrats think I’m singling him out, I could go name for name with Republicans who should never be reelected based on their decades in office, job performance, as well as their eating at the trough of the American taxpayer for a lifetime.

Folks, we gotta get over the thought that one party got us here. The system is broken, and the only fix is term limits. I have previously written several articles about this; I even included a plan that a person could still serve a lifetime as an elected official if that were their calling. They just couldn’t sit in the same spot, gaining more power term after term.

Now back to the parties providing better candidates. Our Nation is divided and split in so many ways. This includes affiliations of registered voters. The best data I could find is from October of 2022 and represents 31 States. I must add here this is what voters identify themselves as. Democrats make up over 38% of registered voters, Republicans 29.4%, and Independents is surprising 28.5%. These numbers are obviously not perfect, but they show the importance of the need for a leader to unite America. They also show the importance of the Electoral College, depending on where you live. The Titanic problem is the overwhelming majority of the news media, social media, and political information that drive division and agenda. This is definitely not what’s best for our Nation. The views of the far right and the far left are always on full display to drive a wedge between fellow Americans. This is why I always suggest no politics at the family table during reunions, holidays, and get-togethers.

It’s big business for the networks and those pushing the buttons behind the elected officials to keep America divided. Enemies of America are also behind the scenes gaining power, wealth, and control through division.

What is currently going on across our Country is beyond the realm of common sense. The votes are out there for a candidate strong enough to unite middle America to win, which I believe is made of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. The problem is, with the system currently in place, is it possible for a quality candidate to come forward? The last thing we need to unite America is Joe Biden versus Donald Trump round 2.

I will end with what I’ve written a couple of times previously; I don’t believe President Biden will be on the ballot for November 2024. This decision will be made by members of his own party, prompted by a sinking approval rating, which, incidentally, reached 37% this past week, the lowest since his election.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb