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Webb Weekly Great American Cookout Giveaway

Webb Weekly Great American Cookout Giveaway

Thank you to all that made our Webb Weekly Great American Cookout Giveaway the summer fun contest for a great cause it was intended to be. I couldn’t believe the number of folks that actually brought their entry forms into our Webb Weekly office. It was great to meet and greet some of our readers. I also appreciated the handwritten notes with the entry forms, phone calls, and texts about the contest. We are all so blessed to have each other as neighbors and call this special neck of Penns Woods home.

Phyllis Maietta of Loyalsock was the winner of the summer prize pack. I guarantee you the sweet smell of the smoke billowing from the new grill made everyone’s mouth water in her neighborhood. Tip of my Webb Weekly Philadelphia Phillies Fourth of July cap to my partners in the giveaway with a cause. First up owner Gary Cupp and son Steve of Lycoming Lawn and Garden. What an amazing grill. Most of all, thank you for putting it together; I sure as heck didn’t want to be stuck with that task — special shout-out to Gary’s son-in-law Josh for delivering the grill.

Thank you to the providers of the amazing grillables and sides for the perfect backyard BBQ. Carl DiParlo and his gang at Tony’s Deli and Mikey Rupert and his family at Rupert’s Specialty Meats. They are truly protectors of the old-time butcher shop and market. You can’t go wrong with anything you purchase from their stores. I’m just glad they take all the calories out for me.

Last but not least, tip of an ice cold Bud Light to Chet Ruth and his providers of refreshment at Frosty Beverage. Chet and his family have been providing food and beverage to the West Branch Valley for decades. He is one of the most customer-friendly folks I’ve ever met.

There’s just something special about the family-owned businesses within our communities. Obviously, they provide great products and service, but it goes way beyond that. It’s their love of living the American dream, their friendly smiles, the knowing they really care about their neighbors, community, and Country. Most family owned and operated businesses are passed down from one hardworking generation to the next. It is my honor to promote all the businesses that can be found within the pages of the Webb Weekly. I can tell you first-hand owning and managing any business in the world of today requires more commitment than ever.

Please make sure you buy local. Begin at the closest storefronts to your home and work your way out. This is truly small town Americana at its finest. Please remember these are the folks that support everything from Little League, to a friend in need, to sometimes whole communities when something unforeseen happens.

Say hello and shake hands with the person you’re purchasing from. Do not just click on order complete or drive to New York to purchase a vehicle. Neither one does anything to give back to the wonderful place you call home.

Now, getting back to the most important part from our Great American Cookout giveaway. By simply taking the time to enter the contest, you have helped some of the most important people within every community. Those that have served to protect the very freedoms we are blessed with.

I am told that 1,446 individuals entered the contest. Thank you to all for playing. And a tip of my Webb Weekly cap to my classified lady Jaimie Hoover for overseeing the Great American Cookout Contest. We will be donating a George Washington for every entrant to the local VFW Veterans Benefits Office. Which, by my math comes out to $1,500. I’m a big believer that rounding up helps keep the glass half-full.

As you lend a helping hand through charitable donation, please remember our Veterans. There are several outstanding organizations that especially look after our local vets. Those that have served are very proud and often would never think of asking for help. However, a lot of times they will approach a Veterans organizations or those working at these facilities will know of a veteran that needs our support.

I’ve had several folks, including some contest entrants, ask me for the information to make a donation to the local VFW Veterans Benefits Center. Here’s how to reach them if you are interested in helping some of our local service men and women. VFW Benefit Center, 20 Bellefonte Avenue, Lock Haven, PA. 570-748-5929.

Please always be mindful when donating to any organization. If you don’t recognize the name of the nonprofit or they are requesting personal information that does not seem necessary, the red flag should go up. If you ever have any questions about a business or organization’s legitimacy, you’re more than welcome to reach out to me. I will assist you in any way I can.

We all need to support and help our fellow man. In the same breath, no one wants to be scammed or taken advantage of. This is another obvious reason to do business and donate locally with people you know. They have to look their family, and fellow neighbors square in the eye.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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