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Wow…What a Show!

No, I’m not talking about Super Bowl 50 held earlier this month. The Broncos – Panthers was an average game at best. It proved a great defense wins championships, a great offense with a loudmouth quarterback get what they deserve.

Who would have thought Peyton Manning, a five time MVP, would end his career as a game manager? Just let Von Miller and the boys on “D” do their job, run the offense, play it safe and win your second Super Bowl. It sure was a heck of a lot better than the nine seasons he threw for a couple of miles and lost the opening playoff game.
Say goodbye Payton and run as fast as you can away from the rigors of the NFL. You’re lucky to have gotten ring number two. I’m not going to talk about the allegations of sexual misconduct from 25 years ago when Payton was hanging out with Bill Cosby.

I am also not talking about the Grammys last week. It is shocking, however, that Lady Gaga was the Super Bowl MVP for her great rendition of our National Anthem and Grammy MVP for an outstanding tribute to David Bowie. That Lady can flat out sing.

And I’m certainly not referring to the NBA All-Star game, which was held last weekend. It was a desecration to the game of basketball.

I guess you could refer to the Presidential Primary races as a Show. However, wow is not the adjective I’d use to describe them. When is someone going to punch Jeb Bush right in that delusional smug mouth of his? It’s amazing how much airtime he gets for grossing about 5% of the Republican vote.

The Show that amazed me was the Great American Outdoor Show held at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg. Jimmy and I traveled down last week to what is deemed as “The World’s Largest Outdoor Show” and it did not disappoint.

If you like the outdoors you need to put it on the schedule for next year. It is a first-class event sponsored by the NRA and the Outdoor Channel. There were over 1,100 exhibitors. You could find every gun manufacturer and check out any pistol, rifle or shotgun. There were hundreds of outfitters to book that special hunting or fishing trip anywhere in the world you wanted to go. Archery gear, hunting gear, boats, ATVs, fishing, fishing and more fishing, tackle and info, 650,000 square feet of everything outdoors.

Good friend and Hall’s Marine owner Chad Hall was there, he actually navigated the Susquehanna River with 30 or so of his boats. He put them in at the Muncy/Montgomery Bridge and took them out on the north side of Harrisburg. He sold them all!

There was country music, any pickup truck you wanted to check out and X-Games doggy style. Jimmy and I couldn’t believe the big air the canines got retrieving a rubber duck into a jump pool. Each jump recorded frame by frame to get the official distance. Heck, one dog was disqualified for taking performance-enhancing rawhide.

Jimmy enjoyed conversation and some genuine friendship from Outdoor Channel regulars Lee and Tiffany and Michael Waddell. Their shows – The Crush with Lee and Tiffany and Mr. Waddell’s Bone Collector are two of the most viewed outdoor programs on TV. All three were just super, down-to-earth folks. I think Jimmy will be appearing on an upcoming episode of Bone Collector hunting whitetail in Texas.

I cannot begin to tell you how it warmed my Second Amendment heart that only three years ago the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show was canceled. This brought on by controversy because the British based liberal group that ran the event wanted a kinder, gentler event. No guns, no ammo. The tree hugging, gun control folks thought they would show us American outdoors men and women how things should be.

In stepped the NRA and Outdoor Channel and the rest is history – they created the largest outdoor show in the Country. This year it’s estimated the Show generated over $80 million of economic impact for the Harrisburg region. The final gate numbers have not been released; it is believed attendance shattered the old record.

I wonder how Governor Wolf in sheep’s clothing will run The Great American Outdoor Show out of Pennsylvania?

Everyday Player

What an unbelievable job Ms. Henrietta Hadley has done since becoming the Executive Director of Firetree Place Youth and Development Center. This location formerly housed the Bethune Douglass Community Center and in recent years just The Center.

I first met Henrietta on a cold snowy day about a year ago. We immediately struck up a friendship over the importance of helping, caring for and educating young people in today’s world. Her high energy, intelligence and commitment made an immediate impression on me. Our belief in how important the Community Center at Campbell Street and Little League Boulevard has bonded us for life.

Ms. Hadley already has a full variety of services available for children from 6 to 18 years old. The afterschool program has 75 young people in attendance daily and provides a structured environment to educate and provide fun for the kids. They offer everything from tutoring and life skills to recreation. One of the most important things is the serving of hot meals and snacks.

Henrietta felt when this opportunity presented itself it was her calling. Her daughter Kayla was off to Clark University in Atlanta, this made her move from Chestnut Hill an easy decision.

“I want to help and make a difference not only in the children’s lives but make the community a better place. The children are our focus but we help anyone who needs it. I have enjoyed the first year or so and can’t wait to make Firetree even better,” said Ms. Hadley.

Henrietta has done a great job reaching out to the community. Recently she and three young ambassadors of Firetree Place delivered Valentines to Roseview Manor. “It was great to see the smiles. What a difference you can make by sharing a little time and kindness.” Her after school children handmade the Valentine’s cards they delivered.

Ms. Hadley loves to cook and share her fixins. This inspired the Cooking for Kids program. It teaches young folks about preparing and sharing a meal. It begins with the greeting said by all “It’s so nice to share dinner with my friends.” Each table has mentors that are middle school students; they address everything from manners to clean up and discuss life skills during dinner.

Henrietta has a special gift to be able to manage, organize and provide a fun environment for children to learn and feel comfortable. She gives credit to her staff for carrying out the mission of “engaging children to improve and enrich their lives with a variety of options to live their lives to the fullest potential.”

She would like to thank the Williamsport community for their support, encouragement and generosity. “I would like to continue with the facility improvements and make this an active hub for all children of the Williamsport area,” stated Ms. Hadley.

Thank you for the great work, Henrietta. You are a true blessing for our community.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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