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Have Lies, Injustice, and the Social Media Way Become Our Kryptonite?

Before I get started this week, I’m going to self-correct. Last week, in my column, “The Armed and the Delirious” I had Lucille Zablocky at 84 years young as the most senior member of our Guns & Roses effort with National Range & Armory. It was brought to my attention that Barb Reish actually holds the distinction. Barb took the beginner hand gunning training class at 86 years young. I also learned she had a great time, and like most ladies, her shooting was right on target. She attended the training with her daughter and granddaughter. Three generations of ladies are now armed with the proper handling and business end of the 2nd Amendment. Way to go, ladies!

Don’t you wish our mainstream media members and candidates for office self-corrected their rhetoric of inaccurate information? Yes, I know there’s Politifact, and everybody from CNN to Fox claims to be using fact check. Then how about this? If the candidates and media want to lie to the American public, here’s an idea for accountability. After it’s proven they lied or completely misled the American people, they go on camera and tell the truth. While they’re doing so, the actual fact checks, and truthful information run across the bottom of the screen. You know, so they don’t just lie or mislead again.

The press, as referred to in the 1st Amendment, has completely dropped the ball on their responsibility to our Nation. It is their job to hold government accountable and seek the truth. This protects our Nation and allows the American voter to make an educated decision in the voting booth. Their bias towards party or, even more, attempt to influence the outcome of an election, is despicable. Politicians are going to lie and do whatever necessary to get elected; this is fact and a two-party problem. It’s the media’s responsibility to do actual investigative, unbiased reporting. To report the good, bad, and the absolute ugly about those holding or seeking public office.

It’s disheartening. You cannot believe anything reported in the world of today. You must take the time to apply common sense and then look for the answer from the horse’s mouth, whether it be President Trump, Joe Biden, or any of these media jokers giving us their opinion as seen on TV.

Next up is really frightening to me regarding the American public. I cannot believe anyone would give credibility to Fakebook or any social media for that matter. Anything that is streamed to your phone or found on the internet. What’s beyond alarming is this information is then shared as fact. I’ll go one step further — then these idiots in the mainstream media take whatever’s trending, and it becomes reported news.

What about the lives that are disrupted or even destroyed by social media — compliments of everyone being armed with a cell phone? This extends into every walk of American life, created by people addicted to sharing lies and deceit. Everyone seems to want to throw the first punch — provide some little bit of knowledge that no one else knows. I don’t care if you want to call it gossip or slander or character assassination; it’s absolutely out of control.

For every story, for every lie or bite of gossip, for everything that some Facebook troll wants to stir up, there are actual people with families on the other end.

Let’s talk about families; there is nothing that should be posted on Facebook or any form of social media when you have a problem or disagreement, especially over a political opinion. Call them up if you have that much conviction. Don’t go on the world wide web and blow them up. How do you think that’s going to end for all involved?

I cannot believe what is being put out there by fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, even grandparents who differ in opinion over the upcoming election. If you feel that strongly have lunch with them and tell them you disagree with whatever. They are blood, family members for God’s sake.

Wow, are there going to be some interesting talks around the Thanksgiving table this year. Or maybe there won’t if the CDC, Governor, and a newly elected President shut the Country down, including gathering to give thanks to God. This, again, trampling on every constitutional right written.

I am sure as you’re reading this, there’s somebody already taking a shot at me for believing we should gather for Thanksgiving. Now, here’s a really interesting thought in regard to the trolls, moles, and haters that will blow up everyone from the president to a family member. They want their absolute right of the 1st Amendment, no matter what they say. From the most-watched members of the media to the neighbor down the street. It’s their words, it’s their opinion, and it’s their right to say whatever they want even if it’s complete fiction.

So, these individuals want you to believe that they’re defenders of freedom and democracy. That they are fighting for everyone’s Constitutional rights. In reality, it’s the complete opposite. They want to empower a germ, coronavirus. They want to empower a word, racism. They want to empower individual beliefs and political party over the Constitution and liberty for all as intended.

The same people that believe they have the right to say whatever they want, do whatever they want to do, and be cloaked by the Constitution, want a bigger and more controlling government. Furthermore, they don’t want to hear any difference of opinion. They want you to be 100% in agreement with them or for you to “shut up.” Joe Biden’s words, not mine.

Folks, this is not about a germ, a word, or who is elected president. It is about right, wrong, and having respect for one’s fellow man and woman. It’s about educating and protecting future generations about who we are supposed to be, not who they want to tell us to be.

God Bless and Help America.

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Jim Webb

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  • Christopher Haefner
    October 14, 2020, 4:01 pm

    Very sad….but I believe yes!!!

    Great article Jim