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A Most Wonderful Time of Year!

The days are flying by faster than Santa’s reindeer on Christmas Eve. Can you believe there are less than two weeks until Christmas Day? I guess I better get started on that Christmas shopping; I have been known to wait until the last minute.

I have often thought a great plan would be to push the opening up of presents back a week to New Year’s. Why you ask? Just think about it, the best sales for the holiday season are the week after Christmas; you could probably spend half the money or get twice the number of presents for under the tree. On New Year’s Day — hopefully you didn’t partake in too much celebrating the night before — it’s a free-for-all of present opening. That feeling of joy of the great savings you took advantage of. Just a thought…

The other great thing about this idea, it would put the focus squarely on the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ for Christmas Day. Not how Santa made all his deliveries around the world like FedEx and UPS. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to give thanks and praise for our Lord Jesus Christ through him all good is possible. You’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty good idea all the way around. Might take some explaining to those young folks, but shouldn’t we be doing that anyway?

I guess the other good part of this is that there would actually be a focus for New Year’s Day — other than eating sauerkraut and watching some bowl games, of course. I’ve never been a New Year’s Eve or day fan; I know many other folks feel this way. This would be a great way to watch a little less football and enjoy some time with the family!

Seriously though, make sure you take in some of the great events locally celebrating Christmas. It is such a special time of the year. As always, make sure to support the children’s Christmas concerts, plays and seasonal events. Take it from me — they go by way too fast!

To all the children that have entered our annual Blaise Alexander Christmas Fun Coloring Contest, unbelievable job! Every year I’m amazed by the time and effort the children put in. It can’t help but to give you that extra Christmas spirit and put a smile on your face. Any child that enters is a winner in my book and thank you for making my Christmas a little more special.

Tip of the elf’s hat to my editor Steph Nordstrom, she does a fantastic job with the contest. It is no easy undertaking, especially bringing those elves in from the North Pole to judge the contest. Quite honestly, I think she goes a little Polar Express overboard with that. My biggest worry every year is that one of my Webb Weekly employees or I am going to step on one of the little people — like they like to be called. I can just imagine that lawsuit.

The other great contest going on at Webb Weekly right now is our annual Monster Buck event. It runs right on through to the end of the second archery and black powder season. Tip of my orange hunting cap to Ron Mingle, who’s been with the Webb Weekly since the beginning, for overseeing this contest! Every year the bucks entered seem to get bigger and bigger. Remember you can win a Remington rifle courtesy of Sauers Trading just for entering the contest. I would also like to thank Poust Taxidermy and Country Store Venison Processing for registering the trophy whitetails and the great prizes.

My favorite part of this contest is I get to see just how effective the Pennsylvania Game Commission antler restrictions have been. It’s amazing to me the headgear these whitetails are toting in our great state. As I have said before, I remember the days when you got a spike or a 4-point, and that was a great buck. Now you literally have a shot at a great mature monster whitetail buck every time you enter the woods. I can’t believe how often I hear the term little 8-point; you never heard that back in the day, any 8-point was a trophy.

Tip of my Remington cap to Travis Dawson and his son Porter on their great harvest and for sharing the picture! This hoss of a buck was in the right place at the wrong time by his account. But it worked out perfectly for Travis and son.

The 12-point measured 23 .” in width and unofficially scored 140. What an absolute tank. It is always near and dear to my heart to see fathers and their children sharing the tradition of Pennsylvania Whitetail hunting. Notice I say children — I’ve seen many young ladies have great success this season.

One last thought while we’re talking contests. Thank you to Brad Russell for making me aware that Loyalsock Creek has been nominated for River of the Year by the Pennsylvania DCNR. If you missed our article on this last week, it can be read online.

Loyalsock Creek is a Webb family tradition, as it is to so many folks in our area. Please take the time and go to and give Loyalsock Creek the recognition it deserves. Thank you.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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