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Obamacation, Apathy and Evil

My Father’s view was a simple one, “Anyone who would take a two-week vacation, you’re better off without.”

His thoughts were always based on dollars and cents, common sense and were straight to the point. An individual who would put that stress and strain on a business is not a team player. An individual who can vacate their position for this amount of time is not strategically needed and is a waste of money.

I would like to use Mr. Webb’s philosophy and fire President Obama. Can I do that as an overburdened American taxpayer? I know most of you wish I could.

With all that is going on in the world, Mr. Obama takes a 17-day vacation to Hawaii. At least he spent our American taxpayers’ dollars within our economy.

His 2013 trip to Africa cost our nation over $100 million. He even had an aircraft carrier stationed off the coast of the continent in case of illness or trouble. I always travel with an aircraft carrier. One of the perks of Webb Weekly. If you would like to borrow it for your next trip, just let me know.

At a time when most of us are burdened with the expense of the holiday season, the cost of heating our homes and the grocery bill to feed our family, President Obama takes a couple of weeks and his presidential gold card and spends, spends, spends. What will this trip to the Pacific cost American taxpayers? An estimated $4.1 million. No problem, Mr. President, myself and millions of Americans have got your back. Just take a little more out of the accounts of the working middle class and small business owners. You’re going to anyway.

The Obamas have spent $44,351,777.12 on vacations and that number was through July 2014. The number is actually believed to be much higher, but some costs are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Unbelievably wrong on so many levels. First and foremost the fact he can or any President could. They are not elected King, Emperor, or Dictator; even though Mr. Obama believes he has these powers and uses them to circumvent our Constitution.

I remember when President George W. would take a lavish vacation and the media would take him to task. I agreed with the media for making this public.

I believed President Bush and his own wealth should pay for his downtime if he wanted to spend millions on a trip to Africa, not you and I.

No one who sits at the desk in the Oval Office should take advantage of the “system” like this. It just tells you how they view their position and the American taxpayer.

President Obama will milk every last dollar out of us he can and then receive a $6.6 million post Presidential retirement package.

Man, I need to get into politics. Can you imagine? This joker who continues to push any button to destroy America will receive almost $7 million for his efforts.
If anyone does not think our government needs a complete overhaul from the top down please move to China.

Remember all this money is not free. It comes from you and I. You hear financial numbers reported and become insensitive to the fact it’s our hard earned money supporting this.

Do not blame or point fingers. Both parties have fiscally failed the American taxpayers. Notice I say taxpayers. There are millions of Americans that think the system works just fine, because they don’t have to. Work that is.

As a new year begins in Washington after folks in Congress have also taken a two-week break. Believe me; Mr. Webb would fire them too. A Republican led House and Senate take their seats after the November elections. We should take their seats away, so at least they stay awake while they are in session.

People, especially Republicans, are expecting change and urgency. There will be none. As I’ve stated before they are all eating at the trough of the American taxpayer. All the good folks go there with change on their mind, it cannot happen. Why you ask? Simple. Lifelong politicians control Washington. Without term limits this will never change. It doesn’t matter what party they claim to represent we should just put a (G) after their name, for Greed.

The new guys coming in are told if they don’t play ball the “Washington Way” they won’t receive any support for their home state or district. No support means no reelection, no reelection means no say at all. No matter how good their intentions were after a while they are standing side-by-side with the porkers at the trough of the American taxpayers.

Senator Mitch McConnell is a lifer in Washington. He is now the Senate Majority Leader. If the Republicans were serious about change he would not be. The conservative Americans that voted last fall are serious about change, the Republican Party is not. Incidentally his current approval rating in Kentucky, his home state, is about 35% depending where you look. There’s a real vote of confidence from the Bluegrass State. Senator McConnell will only receive about $186,000 per year after retirement now that he has served as Senate majority leader. He will probably need to become a greeter at Wal-Mart to survive on this paltry amount. He will not lead the charges for change and opposition to President Obama’s destructive agenda. He will continue with gridlock and the lack of a voice that conservative America is waiting for.

Over in the House we have Majority Leader John Boehner. Enough said. He is a gutless wonder. When the going gets tough he caves to the liberal left and Mr. Obama. Boehner will be eligible for about $160,000 a year pension for his disservice to the American people.

Want me to really make you become ill? House Minority loudmouth Nancy Pelosi for her years of service and positions held will receive about $805,000 in pension per year for her fleecing of America.

The gift that just keeps on giving, putting the screws to the American taxpayers. Notice I again didn’t say citizen. Because many have benefited from Ms. Pelosi. Illegal aliens, non-workers, government employees and those who can be rounded up to protest any cause.

You know the best way to break up one of those anti law-enforcement, they are all out to get us rallies? Have the police helicopter drop employment applications. White, black it doesn’t matter they will all disburse.

What about college students? You mean like Cal-Berkeley, NYU and Harvard?

They will run! These current students at fine institutions of higher academia do not want a job. They want to be the educationally enlightened, lifetime students, future professors and helpers of nonworking Americans, like Jonathan Gruber the architect of Obamacare.

Thank you to all law-enforcement for your service and protecting of America. Most American citizens appreciate the job you do and understand how much tougher it has become with President Obama, Attorney General Holder, Mayor de Blasio and Al Sharpton creating the opportunity for hatred of police by the very people they protect from each other.

Mr. de Blasio should be arrested for inciting riots and conspiracy to commit murder. His voice led to the tragic execution of two New York City police officers.
The NYC Police Department is one of the finest in the world. Murder is at an all-time low in the Five Boroughs. Police Commissioner William Bratton, a Black American, leads a force in which 53% of the beat cops are Black, Latino or Asian American.

This poison Obama, Sharpton and de Blasio are pedaling is pure evil. The cops care about NYC and their communities; they are a representation of these neighborhoods. They are not the problem; they are the solution to peace, law and order.

Prior to the execution of officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, Mr. Sharpton led a non-peaceful march in which the protestors chanted “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want them? Now.” I watched this despicable action.

Black America needs to fire Al the Divider and all like him. What Reverend of God and Jesus Christ would create such hatred and violence?

Every elected official in Washington should be required to spend a week walking the beat with New York City’s Finest. Appreciate what they go through and are doing for the Big Apple. Oh, and guess what their pension is for putting their life on the line every day for the people of New York? About $55,000 per year, depending obviously on years of service. Unbelievable. Our Country needs to take a hard look at what our Government has become. It is no longer a government of The People, For the People, By the People. It is a corrupt entity living off the American Taxpayer.

God Bless America and protect all law-enforcement. Please help the families of the fallen find peace.

Jim Webb

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