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Good to Hear Your Thoughts!

I have recently talked about the Presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle. It, as always, has been great to hear from so many of you.

Some interesting thoughts were provided to me by the most important source I have, you! We are blessed to live where we live and I am blessed to have so many hard working, taxpaying, caring lovers of America reading my column. I would like to share some of your feedback on the race for the White House. No worries, I am not going to use your name, but in the future if you would like to possibly be mentioned please let me know.

First up, many reached out to me in agreement the GOP is missing the boat by not supporting Mr. Donald Trump (Trump That February 3rd.) Making their point this past week was former president hopeful Mitt Romney taking shots at Mr. Trump.

A gentleman stopped me at Wegmans and his take was, “These clueless Republicans just don’t get it. We are fed up. Mitt Romney running his mouth would never happen in the Democratic Party. A loser calling out someone who’s 35 points ahead in most polls.”

I agreed and I agreed. The Democrats are a tightly knit bunch and no one would try to tear a fellow Democrat down who was the front-runner for the Oval Office.
There was about an equal amount that are scared as heck of Donald Trump but feel he is our only chance to change the direction our Nation is heading.

“Can you believe in our Country this is the best we have to choose from? The guy leading is a loudmouth, rude, arrogant SOB that could easily take us to World War III as take us in a better direction.” A concerned and hesitant gentleman called me to voice his opinion.

Mr. Trump is the only one that offers a change from the Washington political machine of both Republicans and Democrats. That is why they are both so afraid of him. They both want eating at the trough of the American taxpayer to continue. Two words that Mr. Trump needs to speak, term limits! This must happen for change to occur!
I agree with this caller. I do have my fears about Mr. Trump, but I’m more afraid if we continue down the path of self-destruction that both parties are leading us down our Nation will be divided and weakened from within. Can you imagine if our Nation was in the shape it is now when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor?
A couple of you were upset with me and my writing about Marco Rubio. One person even called my column Trump That (February 3rd) “lies and B.S.”.

All I can tell you is I research and never go by just one source. I am glad you are passionate about Mr. Rubio and know you will vote, which to me is most important duty of every American. I think since the column more and more about Mr. Rubio’s character has been revealed. He is just another politician wanting to be President and continue big party politics.

As for Bernie Sanders and my Hit the Bricks Bernie (February 17th) take, everyone who reached out to me, but one lost soul was in agreement. The most commonly said thing was, “How can anybody support a socialist?” I heard this from both Democrats and Republicans. Incidentally I probably hear from about a 60–40 split in favor of the Republican side. How do I know this? I simply ask.

One nice lady interpreted from my column about Bernie and Hillary that I was voting for Hillary come November. “I’m surprised you and your sister (Morgan) are going to vote for Hillary for President.”

I did not respond like Mr. Trump would. A simple I’m sorry ma’am I must have not made it clear in my writing. Ms. Clinton should be the choice of the Democratic Party; she is not my choice for President. I explained a little further and she understood and is voting for Hillary. Again, glad to hear it, get out and vote.

One gentleman took me to task on honest Ted Cruz (If You Cruz You Lose February 10th). He tried to convince me, “He is a combination of President John Kennedy and President Ronald Reagan.”

Let me just say he had me dumbfounded on the JFK/President Reagan comparison. I’ll just leave that alone. If anything I wasn’t hard enough on Mr. Cruz or this gentleman that called me. But I am just glad he is passionate and going to vote.

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Everyday Players

I have written before that I lived at the top of Kane Street as a child and have worked my way down to the bottom and our Webb Weekly offices. I grew up in the last house up and now work in the first address at the base. In between there are a lot of great memories and stories I often share with my staff.
The Whiteman family has been a fixture on Kane forever. Mr. Whiteman – Dick has always been one of the great guys of the community. A truly kind, gentle man who would help you with anything. In recent years he could be found walking all over Southside and beyond. I got to speak with him on several occasions, as he would be walking by the office.

To me he was one of those special Little League coaches every child should be blessed to have. He along with Mr. Bob English and Dick’s sons, Jeff and Gary filled my Little League days with fun and friendship that has lasted a lifetime. I loved my nickname provided by the Kings Motel coaches, Spider. I can still hear Jeff bellowing it as only he could. His dad was the calmest guy I’ve ever had as a coach. They all made you feel comfortable and relaxed; many coaches today could take a lesson from their approach.

Jeff and Gary have gone on to be everyday law and order guys locally. Jeff has been involved with coaching at Loyalsock for years; he also oversees athletic contests at the school to keep the order. He is great with the kids and adults alike. That deep stern voice that once bellowed Spider, now put to work in a different capacity.
Gary has officiated basketball games for years and like his brother and father, is very active within the community.

I ran into Gary before he was to officiate the Loyalsock – Hughesville game. The last thing we talked about was his Dad and his health. He was at Valley View and the next day I was going to stop and visit him while dropping in on my Aunt Mildred.

The next morning I got a message from Jeff that his Dad had left us for a better place. My condolences and prayers to the Whiteman brothers, your Father was very proud of you. I can guarantee you God had the tailgate party all ready for him and your Mom was the first to greet him, Bob English by her side.

Tip of the cap to Dick, Jeff and Gary for all you have done. I know Jeff and Gary will continue on their Father’s legacy of good on into the future.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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